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First Tuesday brings double the chances to win!

April 6, 2021 Posted by NC Lottery at 12:14 PM

This First Tuesday, our new games are bringing double the fun! From bonus games to scratch-and-reveal symbols, your options to cash in on your luck are all around.

Double It!, Fat Wallet, and Double Cash Doubler offer you the chance to win double your prize!

You asked for a new bingo game and we’ve answered — Just check Twisted Bingo. Match the numbers in the “TWIST” pattern and win the corresponding “TWIST” prize!

Read some fast facts about our newest games here: 




 Top prize

# of top prizes

Top prize odds

Overall odds


Jumbo Bucks



1 in 1.05 million

1 in 3.35


Double Cash Doubler



1 in 1.20 million

1 in 4.06


Twisted Bingo



1 in 1.26 million

1 in 3.99


Fat Wallet



1 in 1.02 million

1 in 4.43


Double It!



1 in 1.08 million

1 in 4.81


If you match two like amounts and a “money bag” symbol on our new Double It! game, congratulations, you’ve won double that amount.

With Fat Wallet, your chance to win a prize instantly comes when you scratch-and-reveal a “bill” symbol. But, you could double the prize if you scratch-and-reveal a “double money bags” symbol.

Double Cash Doubler comes with a bonus game on the back of the ticket, giving you a chance to win double the prize on the front.

Plus, we’ve upped the ante for one of your favorites, Jumbo Bucks. This time around, the top prize is a cool $1 million.

We hope you find some good luck this month!


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4/12/2021 07:01 - DL H.

I got three $1 tickets in a row with great wins for dollar tickets. Have tried the three dollar bingo ticket a few times but no winners at all not even a three dollar win I'm not sure about this new stack of tickets that have been put out I'm hearing it from a lot of people in town as well. Strange... Either way. We have fun playing here and there

4/09/2021 07:07 - Martha W.

I purchased ten $10 Jumbo tickets at 3 different stores and not one of thise were a winner. Usually one out of ten tickets would rend a winner. So what's going on with these tickets?

4/09/2021 08:02 - Karen M.

Are people out of state able to sign in for the rewards for NC lottery or is it just NC residentsNC Lottery
Hi Karen, people from out of state are eligible to participate in our Lucke-Rewards program as long as the tickets were purchased while physically located in North Carolina. Good luck!

4/07/2021 08:48 - Chris S.

Winners of the "New" Jumbo Bucks are actually going to make less than the "Original" Jumbo Bucks if they decide to take the lump sum. With the original, there wasn't the annuity or lump sum. Seems the lottery had gotten smart(er). About $102,000 smarter if my math is correct, but could be off a tad

4/07/2021 08:47 - William D.

very disappointed you accually try to trick us by saying you are increaseing the prize on jumbo buck, BUT actually by making it a million you are downsizzzzzzing the prize from 750 thousand to ??? for cash pay out and annuuuuuuitiessssss.....

4/06/2021 08:23 - mary F.

Like the new games,still trying my luck with lucky rewards

4/06/2021 07:50 - Gregory F.

I can't win a thing on these scarchoffs. Would be great to win something big. In the Ahoskie era. Need help in my retirement.

4/06/2021 07:39 - shirley b.

NCEL what type of promotion do you have for your 15 year anniversary?NC Lottery
Hi Shirley, to celebrate the anniversary we offered a special promo code and a special drawing, but these promotions are no longer active. To read about all the anniversary promotions, check out our blog story:

4/06/2021 06:27 - addie r.

I hope I find good luck this month too. Playing every since the lottery started haven't hit it big yet, I need to win at least my money back which is about 100,000 gran wish me luck!!!!!

4/06/2021 06:13 - Gloria C.

Thanks for all this great informations.

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