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First Tuesday packs potential for big prizes

September 7, 2021 Posted by NC Lottery at 12:40 PM

September First Tuesday is setting you up for success with our new games!

Bonus Bucks, a second-chance drawing with one of our tickets, and a mystery prize spot are all coming your way this month.

For quick odds and prizes, check out our chart below: 



 Top prize

# of top prizes

Top prize odds

Overall odds


Grand Money



1 in 1.50 million

1 in 3.09



‘The Bigger Spin’ event


1 in 1.44 million

1 in 3.62


Bonus Bucks



1 in 1.26 million

1 in 4.06


Mystery Prize Cashword



1 in 1.32 million

1 in 3.89


Cash Spooktacular



1 in 1.44 million

1 in 4.56

The BIGGER SPIN is here — with a second-chance drawing! You can enter your new The BIGGER SPIN tickets into your Lucke-Rewards account to win your chance to spin the BIGGER SPIN wheel for a prize ranging from $400,000 up to $2 million. For more details, check out our BIGGER SPIN blog

Bonus Bucks is back! One of your favorite games now comes in a brand-new color and with its signature bonus game on the back of the ticket, where you get five more chances to win.

We’re introducing a new feature with our Mystery Prize Cashword game. Scratch and see what you can win with your mystery prize spots!

Our new $20 game, Grand Money is putting on a show with over $90 million in prizes. Plus, with odds of 1 in 120, this new game offers great odds at winning $200 instantly.

And we’re gearing up for Halloween with Cash Spooktacular. Get in the spirit by trying your hand at winning a $20,000 top prize.

Here’s hoping September is your lucky month!


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9/23/2021 03:09 - Heather L.

'The Bigger Spin' scratch off is a jip. I've tried maybe 10, by now, and NOT one winner. Come to think of it, I haven't had a decent win since late 2019.

9/09/2021 06:01 - Ronald C.

Record sales and record profits less transparency smaller prizes fewer prizes this has ben going on for at least the last five years at the NCEL.I encourage people to watch the investigative reporting WLOS in western North Carolina is airing

9/07/2021 09:37 - William A.

Another $20 dollar ticket with a 2 million dollar prize. Lottery commission, Why decrease prize amounts with record profits! Why! Thanks

9/07/2021 04:39 - Gloria C.

Thank for all this great informations and new card games. I hope that September will be a lucky month for me.

9/07/2021 03:37 - shirley b.

NCEL has two many repeats for pick three. I don't see pick 4 with a lot of repeats. An auditor needs to check your machines.

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