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$395 million to fund school construction projects, all thanks to you

May 4, 2022 Posted by NC Lottery at 10:05 AM

Construction work will begin soon in 28 communities across our great state to build new schools, add classrooms, new gyms, and new auditoriums, as well as renovate and repair older school buildings thanks to $395 million raised by the lottery.

In all, 28 counties will receive money to complete 42 projects. The money comes from one of the state’s school construction programs designed to help meet the critical needs for new schools and classrooms in North Carolina.

Since the start of the lottery 16 years ago, North Carolina has always used a portion of the money raised by the lottery to help counties with the costs of school construction. It will be great to see all these new schools and school buildings opening soon.

Here’s what you can expect to see popping up all across our state:

  • 14 new schools
  • 18 renovation or repair projects
  • 9 projects featuring additional classrooms, new gymnasiums, or new auditoriums.

Here’s a list of those 28 school systems and how much they will receive:

  • Alexander County Schools: $1.35 million
  • Anson County Schools: $9 million
  • Ashe County Schools: $17 million
  • Bladen County Schools: $17 million
  • Camden County Schools: $27.7 million
  • Carteret County Public Schools: $1.93 million
  • Newton-Conover City Schools (Catawba County): $22 million
  • Edenton-Chowan Schools (Chowan County): $25 million
  • Clay County Schools: $32 million
  • Cleveland County Schools: $7.8 million
  • Gates County Schools: $1.78 million
  • Halifax County Schools: $31.27 million
  • Hoke County Schools: $30 million
  • Mooresville Graded School District (Iredell County): $616,000
  • Mitchell County Schools: $17 million
  • Montgomery County Schools: $2.65 million
  • Northampton County Schools: $40 million
  • Polk County Schools: $1.3 million
  • Public Schools of Robeson County: $25 million
  • Clinton City Schools (Sampson County): $899,000
  • Scotland County Schools: $1.1 million
  • Mount Airy City Schools (Surry County): $1.75 million
  • Tyrrell County Schools: $514,000
  • Warren County Schools: $24 million
  • Washington County Schools: $40 million
  • Wayne County Public Schools: $9 million
  • Yadkin County Schools: $1.44 million
  • Yancey County Schools: $6.69 million

You can learn more about the 42 projects here.

And more help is on the way for all 100 counties, including:

  • $100 million for school construction
  • $30 million in repair and renovation funds

All that to say, your play really makes a significant impact for our kids.


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9/10/2022 09:50 - Walter B.

I didn't see Wake County

9/10/2022 09:49 - Walter B.

I didn't see Wake County

5/31/2022 01:22 - DENNIS D.

Why are no funds allocated to beaufort County schools?NC Lottery
Hi, Dennis! Beaufort County has received and made good use of lottery dollars, they just did not receive school construction funding during this round (but they are able to apply for the next round in the fall!). You can see a breakdown of how lottery dollars are making an impact on Beaufort County Schools here: https://nclottery.com/EducationCounty/Beaufort. Hope this helps!

5/29/2022 09:09 - lisa e.

Hi, Lisa! All of our comments are reviewed by our team and posted as long as they do not violate any of our social media guidelines. We apologize if you do not see your comment - please feel free to try commenting it again as long as it is within our guidelines!

5/28/2022 09:52 - Aida H.

Good , great

5/28/2022 09:34 - greg h.

Great. It is needed.

5/28/2022 09:29 - Richard W.


5/28/2022 08:02 - Christina W.

That great!

5/28/2022 07:29 - Jeanine S.


5/28/2022 06:51 - Angelika K.


5/28/2022 06:34 - James M.


5/28/2022 06:24 - Petra W.

Buildings may be needed but more funds needed to retain and recruit teachers.

5/28/2022 05:28 - Rebecca D.


5/28/2022 10:50 - ralph L.

How about Carteret County Schools?

5/28/2022 10:48 - Sandra R.

Its a blessing to see money is actually used for our children educations

5/28/2022 10:39 - Travis L.

That's great

5/28/2022 10:28 - Joanne C.

Great job

5/28/2022 10:18 - Michael T.


5/28/2022 07:35 - Dennis D.


5/28/2022 04:43 - Sherri Z.

Great to hear, though I wish some of the money would go to some metaphysical type schools and NOT just traditional, since we are moving into another kind of world where other subjects would be better utilized for the future though most kids being born today, are already advanced in their thinking... IT would be much more fun for them, if you included the art & science of astrology, energy exchanges, energy healing, Reiki, Crystals for health, concentration etc.so many more!

5/28/2022 01:38 - Linda S.

Wow! That is great news!

5/28/2022 12:35 - Steven P.


5/27/2022 11:14 - Nicole W.


5/27/2022 09:04 - Lawrence L.

Hope it helps

5/27/2022 08:45 - Ken H.


5/27/2022 08:42 - DAWN R.

This is the better half of the reason I play NC EDUCATION Lottery!

5/27/2022 08:40 - David B.


5/27/2022 08:19 - Gina E.


5/27/2022 08:05 - Megan C.


5/27/2022 07:20 - Matthew T.


5/27/2022 06:10 - Inga J.

Thanks for the update on Nash County. Very helpful.

5/27/2022 04:18 - Steve B.


5/27/2022 03:20 - Trudy N.


5/27/2022 03:12 - Kim S.

Wow! My county got a LOT!

5/27/2022 02:07 - Stacey R.

So happy to see some is going to our local schools where my sun attends

5/27/2022 01:14 - Irene T.

That's great! The children will love it as well as the teachers.

5/27/2022 12:16 - Gregory H.


5/27/2022 12:07 - Christina W.

I have 2 kids in the Duplin County schools

5/27/2022 11:28 - Melissa S.

Funding for security will be great

5/27/2022 11:21 - Kelia M.

WSFCS is not listed ..why ?

5/27/2022 09:09 - Marie K.

Spend dollars on SECURITY in every school.

5/27/2022 12:02 - LaShondrea N.

Some of those funds need to be allocated to having police presence within schools K-12.

5/26/2022 11:42 - Julius H.


5/26/2022 08:04 - hilda c.

It is a wonderful feeling to know lottery funds are reaching the people who need it most.

5/26/2022 05:15 - Princess B.


5/26/2022 04:24 - Vickie L.

Funding for security would be great.

5/26/2022 04:22 - Vickie L.

Funding for security in our schools would be great.

5/26/2022 02:58 - Janice F.


5/26/2022 11:58 - Patricia B.

It's great to see the amount of good the lottery is doing for our public schools.

5/26/2022 11:22 - Barbara D.

This is the only reason for which I purchase these lottery tickets.

5/26/2022 09:43 - Brenda C.

we have several schools being torn down and rebuilt. Guilford County is not listed.

5/26/2022 08:53 - julian h.

Great news

5/26/2022 05:23 - Paula F.


5/26/2022 01:56 - James M.

I think every county should receive part oof the funds from this but its good there working on the school's

5/25/2022 11:34 - Peggy D.

What a blessing!

5/25/2022 08:54 - Lynn C.

Glad to see it

5/25/2022 08:17 - Sheila J.

That is awesome

5/25/2022 06:05 - cynthia b.

Good to see the news about education funds.

5/25/2022 06:04 - cynthia b.


5/25/2022 05:08 - Acquenetta T.


5/25/2022 03:59 - WILLIAM W.

Very good, nice to see

5/25/2022 03:45 - Patti H.

We need some more money sent to Brunswick’s County

5/25/2022 11:48 - Thomas J.

Good to see new schools are being built and not closed.

5/25/2022 10:57 - Amy D.

Continue to help schools and increase teacher pay!

5/25/2022 10:25 - Kenneth A.

Glad the funds are being put to good use.

5/25/2022 08:37 - Jeff L.

This is awesome. Looking out for the next generation.

5/25/2022 04:24 - Laura B.

It's good to see the money is being put to good use.

5/25/2022 02:24 - Barbara g.

So glad just great

5/25/2022 12:25 - Joni B.

Good to see it being put to use.

5/24/2022 11:33 - natalie t.


5/24/2022 09:25 - Gail E.


5/24/2022 07:58 - Seida C.

So happy to see Education as a priority

5/24/2022 06:04 - Sheila N.


5/24/2022 04:50 - Burnell H.

It always so good to see dollars put back into our schools.

5/24/2022 03:24 - lynne s.

Before I moved here from Connecticut, a local radio personality mentioned the cheaper cost of living, BUT advised people they might seriously consider private school. We've got to have good schools, good teachers and sane curricula.

5/24/2022 02:47 - Gina C.


5/24/2022 02:27 - Keiko B.

It is nice to see where money goes.

5/24/2022 02:02 - Randon R.

Looking out for the future generations

5/24/2022 12:52 - Charlie K.

They need it!!

5/24/2022 12:33 - Scott B.

Schools Matter

5/24/2022 11:24 - virginia t.

Perhaps some money can be used to refurbish the upkeep of schools in the future.

5/24/2022 10:49 - Ryan S.

Glad it helps should of been done long ago

5/24/2022 08:08 - Ken B.


5/24/2022 08:01 - Chandra S.


5/24/2022 03:47 - Raymond B.

Glad I can help

5/24/2022 02:43 - Stacey E.

Where's Davidson County Schools

5/24/2022 02:41 - Stacey E.

Glad it's going to kids

5/24/2022 01:09 - Shannon A.

I'm very pleased to see that not only ly do I get enjoyment and rewarded my also helping improve the schools for our youth. Happy to be apart of something bigger!!!

5/24/2022 12:46 - Michele W.


5/23/2022 09:50 - Heather Joy A.


5/23/2022 09:28 - Latonya H.

That's great that new schools are being built.

5/23/2022 09:23 - Alia H.

These should be going towards teacher pay

5/23/2022 08:11 - Kelly O.

Glad I could help

5/23/2022 07:32 - Connie Y.

Helping the school kids, plus fun playing

5/23/2022 06:14 - Denise W.

Hope all the schools get what they need and more

5/23/2022 04:37 - Jean G.


5/23/2022 04:16 - Steve M.

schools and teachers need all the help they can get.

5/23/2022 02:55 - Sabrina M.


5/23/2022 02:48 - Paul R.

Just make sure none of this goes to Charter or Private schools. These schools, in many cases, are not required to follow the same guidelines established for Public Schools and end up teaching pseudoscience and other garbage that keeps society ignorant.

5/23/2022 02:02 - Mary B.


5/23/2022 01:53 - Tarhesha B.

Wow that's awesome

5/23/2022 01:42 - Tita B.

We need more schools I'm glad this is being done

5/23/2022 01:28 - Ellisa R.

This is terrific

5/23/2022 12:47 - Bernard W.

I hope all my monies I lose go to help the kids education

5/23/2022 10:09 - John S.

Glad I can help.

5/23/2022 09:52 - Robert D.

I just hope the politicians are never able to get their hands on the education lottery money, because if they do, they'll ruin it like they did with social security!!

5/23/2022 09:28 - Kathy B.

I like that this is being done, it is very much needed in these areas.

5/23/2022 08:32 - Chris H.


5/23/2022 08:11 - Lisa R.

The schools deserve this!

5/23/2022 06:58 - Christopher C.


5/23/2022 02:34 - Randy s.

That's great. We need more education

5/23/2022 01:25 - Jennifer B.

Good job!

5/22/2022 09:42 - Debra B.

Can't beat education!

5/22/2022 09:29 - mae p.


5/22/2022 08:59 - Erica A.

It is nice to see where the lottery money goes.

5/22/2022 04:15 - Timothy S.

great to see where the money is invested in.

5/22/2022 03:12 - leeiko W.

Awesome thank you

5/22/2022 02:52 - JOAN H.


5/22/2022 02:46 - Mary S.

Great need for poorer school districts.

5/22/2022 02:44 - Leslie W.

So many schools in need. Hope more can get funding through the lottery.

5/22/2022 02:03 - Shela J.


5/22/2022 02:03 - Shela J.


5/22/2022 02:03 - Shela J.


5/22/2022 01:31 - Robert S.

Excellent........It's an education lottery, so keep it up!

5/22/2022 01:12 - Fernando C.

Thank you

5/22/2022 01:12 - Fernando C.

Thank you

5/22/2022 12:43 - Melvajean E.

This is fantastic to see and so needed for our communities. Thank you for Northampton County

5/22/2022 12:04 - dewey p.


5/22/2022 11:55 - Debra A.

Wish I had seen Guilford County in that list. But so very happy for the schools that will benefit.

5/22/2022 11:50 - Sheila B.

Awesome and thank goodness

5/22/2022 11:48 - Joyce H.

Great program to help schools

5/22/2022 11:46 - Kimya M.

Very good

5/22/2022 11:41 - Clarine S.

Excellent ??

5/22/2022 11:19 - Chanteda S.

Great news!

5/22/2022 10:27 - Jack S.

great news

5/22/2022 09:03 - Samuel G.

thank you

5/22/2022 08:36 - Michael G.

Way to go, schools!

5/22/2022 07:55 - Linda T.

That's amazing.

5/22/2022 07:41 - Franzetta W.

Awesome... what about Davidson County NC Lottery
In addition to the specific counties and projects called out, more help is on the way for all 100 counties, including $100 million on its way for school construction and $30 million in repair and renovation funds.

5/22/2022 07:08 - Phyllis Y.

keep it up

5/22/2022 07:06 - Rebecca L.

That is great to see

5/22/2022 06:47 - Annette E.


5/22/2022 03:39 - Saint S.

Super fabulous

5/22/2022 12:00 - Tammy P.


5/21/2022 11:59 - Tammy P.


5/21/2022 11:38 - Andrea F.

What support has Franklin county received? NC Lottery
Hi Andrea, here are those details:https://nclottery.com/EducationCounty/Franklin

5/21/2022 09:10 - Joel D.

Alamance needs some help

5/21/2022 08:03 - WILLIAM C.

This is an exemplary way of using lottery money

5/21/2022 06:20 - Andy L.

Sounds good.

5/21/2022 06:12 - Alexandra d.


5/21/2022 05:30 - Rusty S.


5/21/2022 04:06 - Donna J T.


5/21/2022 03:44 - Darla Lynette A.

Glad the money is helping out all these Schools.

5/21/2022 03:35 - Clif S.


5/21/2022 02:05 - Dana F.

The kids are our future. We are already under paying our teacher. Least be able to work in a good environment.

5/21/2022 11:47 - Richard H.


5/21/2022 10:32 - Charles H.

Glad that a new school is being built in my area. It is long over due.

5/21/2022 10:22 - laurie s.

Wonderful news!

5/21/2022 09:56 - Roxanne J.

Glad to see the money put to good use

5/21/2022 09:42 - Tiffany H.

Wake or Harnett county??

5/21/2022 09:40 - Pamela H.


5/21/2022 07:11 - james W.

Thank You

5/21/2022 07:05 - Christal H.

Our Schools & Education are So Important for our Children!! Thanks NC Lottery for the Support!!

5/21/2022 05:22 - Leon N.

Way to go ncel

5/21/2022 12:29 - Emogene B.

Great for the schools

5/20/2022 11:19 - joan l.

What about Forsyth county?

5/20/2022 11:07 - Clayton W.

Great to see donation for a good cause

5/20/2022 11:04 - Bridget P.

So glad to see money going to help education in N.C.

5/20/2022 10:28 - shelia w.

How can you help a school district get funds?

5/20/2022 10:25 - CALVIN W.


5/20/2022 07:44 - Anthony M.

Awesome ??

5/20/2022 04:35 - Tyrone E.

Outstanding ! What about Durham, ?NC Lottery
Hey there, Tyrone! Durham was not one of the recipients of school construction funding in this round, but they are able to apply for the next round in the fall, and they received almost $14 million in lottery funds in the last fiscal year to help with education programs across the county! https://nclottery.com/EducationCounty/Durham. Hope this helps!

5/20/2022 04:08 - Greg S.

More money for education is essential.

5/20/2022 04:02 - Tom B.

Good use of funds

5/20/2022 03:35 - TaMeisha E.


5/20/2022 03:10 - Ronald W.


5/20/2022 03:09 - Pat S.

What about Davidson, Guilford and Randolph County schools?NC Lottery
Hi, Pat! Those counties are not listed here as this is just the counties that received school construction funding in this round of funding. There will be another round in the fall that counties are able to apply for. Nonetheless, all NC counties receive lottery funds to help with education programs across the county! You can view a county-specific breakdown of how lottery dollars are impacting education on our website here: https://nclottery.com/education.

5/20/2022 01:56 - Daniel s.

I believe that is is a nice school for ours kids.

5/20/2022 01:32 - Kent G.

Why not Pitt county

5/20/2022 11:45 - Anne W.


5/20/2022 11:31 - henry a.


5/20/2022 10:57 - Carolyn B.

glad to see the school funding

5/20/2022 10:31 - charlotte d.

At least my money is going to a good cause!

5/20/2022 09:23 - georgann m.

Good news for Cleveland county

5/20/2022 02:09 - Asuka E.

This is awesome

5/20/2022 01:28 - Jessica K.

This is a wonderful use of funding!

5/19/2022 11:15 - Linda R.


5/19/2022 11:15 - Linda R.


5/19/2022 09:16 - April B.


5/19/2022 09:13 - CASSANDRA E.

Much needed

5/19/2022 08:59 - Deborah T.


5/19/2022 08:32 - sharon r.

It's going to be great for the kids

5/19/2022 07:10 - Judy C.


5/19/2022 05:48 - Robert W.


5/19/2022 04:33 - robin s.


5/19/2022 03:56 - Cindie B.


5/19/2022 03:47 - Jimmy M.


5/19/2022 03:44 - Iris B.

So wonderful the kids need this

5/19/2022 03:35 - Janet S.


5/19/2022 03:18 - Tasheba L.

I love the lottery

5/19/2022 01:44 - lisa w.

Ok so you saying it depends on where the winning tickets are being won at determines how much a school gets ??NC Lottery
Hey there, Lisa! Not at all - schools were awarded this funding in this round based on applications and need, but counties and schools that did not receive construction funding in this round have the option to apply for the fall! Further, lottery dollars have helped impact education in each and every NC County - you can see a total breakdown of how funds were used and search by specific county on our website here: https://nclottery.com/education. Hope this helps to clarify things!

5/19/2022 11:11 - Sherry C.


5/19/2022 10:13 - Wayne G.

Tank you all

5/19/2022 09:31 - Nicole M.

Great job ?? ?? ??

5/19/2022 09:01 - eileen R.

Has Jackson County benefited as well?NC Lottery
Hey there, Eileen! They absolutely have! Jackson County received over $1.4 million dollars in lottery funds in the 2021 Fiscal Year. You can see a breakdown of how those funds helped education in the county here: https://nclottery.com/EducationCounty/Jackson.

5/19/2022 08:25 - Tammy S.


5/19/2022 07:47 - Sarah J.

Thankful for the Lottery

5/19/2022 06:06 - Terrance T.

Works great!

5/19/2022 02:34 - April G.

Lenoir County Public Schools

5/19/2022 12:11 - Don P.

Education is important

5/18/2022 09:47 - Randall P.


5/18/2022 09:44 - Sylvia P.

Glad I can help donate to the educational lottery

5/18/2022 08:36 - Misty M.

That is a blessing!

5/18/2022 08:02 - Michelle w.


5/18/2022 07:48 - Patti H.


5/18/2022 07:11 - Thomas R.

I believe it is going to be a good idea for what you can do for the school

5/18/2022 06:41 - Stefan M.


5/18/2022 06:41 - Shelia W.

Wow, no money for Guilford County and they just voted in 1.7 Billion for new schools and renovations. To be covered by an increase in taxes.NC Lottery
Hi, Shelia! Even though Guilford County is not on the list of counties that received school construction funding in this round, that doesn't mean lottery dollars aren't doing a whole lot of good for education in the county! In the 2021 Fiscal Year, Guilford County received over $33 million in lottery funds to help with education programs! https://nclottery.com/EducationCounty/Guilford. Hope this helps!

5/18/2022 06:08 - Tori B.

It's good that this money will be put to good use!

5/18/2022 05:21 - Undra L.

Job well done

5/18/2022 05:21 - Charisse G.


5/18/2022 04:48 - Gaynell H.

Good chart

5/18/2022 04:00 - Linda R.

I have a granddaughter in Avery County! Where is their moneyNC Lottery
Hello, Linda, thanks for your comment! You can see a breakdown of the lottery's impact on education in Avery County on our website here: https://nclottery.com/EducationCounty/Avery. Hope this helps!

5/18/2022 03:49 - Gregory F.

Sounds great

5/18/2022 03:18 - Sharon P.

Many of the schools in Cumberland county are really old. Hope there will be some improvements in the future.

5/18/2022 03:11 - Craig P.


5/18/2022 02:15 - pamela p.

keep it up

5/18/2022 02:07 - geradi b.


5/18/2022 01:31 - edward b.

How about Moore County School System? The board is concerned about financial shortfalls in their budget.NC Lottery
Hi there, Edward! You can see how the lottery has impacted education in Moore County on our website here: https://nclottery.com/EducationCounty/Moore. Although, it's important to remember that while the lottery helps raise money for education (last year, over $744 million!), but this is still only a small of the statewide education budget ($15 billion!). So while lottery funds make a difference, they will never cover every need. It is up to elected officials to make decisions about how to fund education and how lottery dollars fit into that equation.

5/18/2022 12:43 - ROBIN F.

What about the schools that already exist? What about money going toward those schools?

5/18/2022 11:44 - Christa F.

like NC Lottery

5/18/2022 10:37 - Vanessa K.

Very well

5/18/2022 10:20 - Paul H.


5/18/2022 10:08 - paul w.


5/18/2022 10:04 - shirley j.

Keep up the good work

5/18/2022 09:45 - Robert A.

Good to hear!

5/18/2022 09:38 - Jennie M.


5/18/2022 09:03 - Anthony A.

Very important to upgrade the education for our kids in rural areas. Still in need of more. Plus paying teachers and faculty what they deserve so that or kids receive a quality education from certified teachers is a blessing. Thank you

5/18/2022 08:42 - Connie G.


5/18/2022 08:06 - JoAnna G.

missing a few counties!NC Lottery
Hey there, Joanna! This list is just the counties that received school construction funding during this round of funding. Schools and counties are able to apply for the next round of funding, which will be in the fall. However, all counties in NC are benefitting from lottery dollars and using those funds to help with education across each county. You can read more about specific counties and the lottery's impact on our website here: https://nclottery.com/Education.

5/18/2022 08:01 - Sharon T.


5/18/2022 07:14 - Dasher L.


5/18/2022 06:34 - James T.


5/18/2022 06:29 - Gayle C.

Yet I continue to encounter high school graduates who are incaple of conversing in proper English and are utterly ignorant of simple mathmatical equations. Lovely that funds are disbursed throughout the system, despite the lack of education the children recieve.

5/18/2022 05:16 - Clifford S.

Sounds good

5/18/2022 02:51 - KAHILA C.


5/18/2022 12:17 - Dwetta B.

Hi, Dwetta! You'll be happy to know that Columbus County schools received over $3 million in lottery funds during the last fiscal year! This helped meet important educational needs across the county. https://nclottery.com/EducationCounty/Columbus.

5/18/2022 12:09 - Tamisha C.


5/17/2022 11:26 - Christopher M.

Thhis is awes3

5/17/2022 10:59 - Patricia R.

Sounds great for our children

5/17/2022 10:27 - Terri B.

Thanks to all

5/17/2022 09:28 - Anna D.

Job well done

5/17/2022 09:17 - Lillian H.

Glad to see Robeson County getting funding for the Lumber Indians and tge schools. Need ?? ?? moons ago. Thank you

5/17/2022 08:38 - Susan L. H.

Education is important for future success.

5/17/2022 08:29 - jane b.

Its great for the schools

5/17/2022 08:12 - Andrea S.


5/17/2022 07:51 - Veronica W.

That is beautiful. Keep up the EXCELLENT WORK

5/17/2022 06:55 - Diana J.

I'm glad I had a small part in it.

5/17/2022 06:53 - Elizabeth H.


5/17/2022 05:58 - Beatrice L.

Thank you for all you do for our youth in school..has Davie County received any yet or have plans to? With lottery money going to schools & highways plus what the government supplies we shouldn't have roads with pot holes in them & I sure wish they would pave my road or at least put down gravel so I'm not wading in mud checking my mail!!!? NC Lottery
Hey there, Beatrice! Davie County received over $2.7 million in lottery funds last fiscal year! You can read a breakdown of the funds and how they have impacted education in the county on our website here: https://nclottery.com/EducationCounty/Davie. Hope this helps to clarify!

5/17/2022 05:57 - George W.

I wish more could go to the schoolsNC Lottery
Hi, George! You will be happy to know that 100% of our earnings benefit education. There are independently audited annual reports on our website that detail where every penny in lottery ticket sales have been used. You can even see a county-specific breakdown of how lottery dollars have been directed to specific education programs in every county in the state here: https://nclottery.com/education.

5/17/2022 05:20 - dennis t.


5/17/2022 04:30 - Judy D.

Schools need all the help they can get, not just for the buildings but for other supplies and equipment

5/17/2022 03:48 - BRENDA W.

Well done

5/17/2022 03:15 - Harriett N.


5/17/2022 02:10 - Connie L.

I'm glad some of the money goes to the schools.

5/17/2022 01:19 - Joyce H.

very good!

5/17/2022 01:04 - Linda W.


5/17/2022 12:55 - Michael S.

Nice going

5/17/2022 12:44 - Brook D.


5/17/2022 12:18 - Sydney F.


5/17/2022 11:48 - Pamela H.


5/17/2022 11:47 - carmellia o.

great, i love it

5/17/2022 11:13 - Barbara W.

I'm happy for those counties, but I don't see anything for Martin County...Why is that!!NC Lottery
Hi, Barbara, thanks for your comment! The counties on this list are just the ones that received construction funding in this round, but that doesn't mean that the other counties in NC aren't receiving and making good use of lottery dollars! You can see a breakdown of the lottery's impact in Martin County for the 2021 Fiscal Year here: https://nclottery.com/EducationCounty/Martin. Hope this helps to clarify!

5/17/2022 10:57 - Bill C.

Sounds Good

5/17/2022 10:24 - Barbara D.


5/17/2022 09:42 - ROBERT S.

Yeah !!!

5/17/2022 08:34 - queen d.

When will Scotland county schools get some helhelpNC Lottery
Hi, Queen! Scotland County schools received over $2.5 million in lottery dollars in the 2021 Fiscal Year! You can read more about the lottery's impact on education in Scotland County here: https://nclottery.com/EducationCounty/Scotland.

5/17/2022 07:56 - rod j.


5/17/2022 07:39 - Yoko W.

Sounds good, but Will the money also provide better/ healthier lunches for children?NC Lottery
Hello, Yoko, thanks for your question! At this time, lottery funds are not used for lunches for children. State legislatures, not the lottery, determine how to best use lottery funds for education across the state - so allocating funding for school lunches would be up to the decisions of your representatives!

5/17/2022 07:18 - Inga J.

Iam not seeing Nash county or Rocky Mount school system.NC Lottery
Hi, Inga! Nash County did not receive funding for school construction in this round, but they did receive $4.7 million dollars of lottery funds for education programs in the county in the 2021 Fiscal Year! https://nclottery.com/EducationCounty/Nash. Hope this helps!

5/17/2022 07:01 - Lorena y.

thank u for telling where the money is going

5/17/2022 06:08 - Ronald R.


5/17/2022 12:19 - Margaret F.

Pay teachers more

5/17/2022 12:04 - valerie c.

Glad to see what the funds are doing !

5/16/2022 11:53 - joyce R.


5/16/2022 11:42 - Vera D.

Why is Wake County not getting helpNC Lottery
Hey there, Vera! Wake County is definitely getting some good use of lottery funds - they were just not included in this round of school construction funding. You can see the breakdown of the lottery's impact on Wake County education here: https://nclottery.com/EducationCounty/Wake.

5/16/2022 10:29 - DONALD P.

Great job keep up the good work ??

5/16/2022 09:57 - Angela M.

Nice that's a lot of different schools but I didn't see any in Randolph County. Maybe next time.NC Lottery
Hi, Angela! Randolph County schools can apply for construction funding in the next round, which will be in the fall. Randolph County is still receiving lottery funds and making good use for education programs across the county: https://nclottery.com/EducationCounty/Randolph. Hope this helps!

5/16/2022 09:38 - Kimberly S.

I'm glad that the money goes to the schools I want my grandkids and their kids to have or attend really nice schools

5/16/2022 09:37 - JONI P.

what is on tap for Pamlico County? How about some money for our new library? NC Lottery
Hi Joni, thank you for taking the time to leave a comment on our blog. Please visit this link and click Pamlico on the drop-down menu to see exactly where lottery funds are going to in your area. Thank you, again. NC Lottery

5/16/2022 09:08 - Brenda A.

Good things happening

5/16/2022 09:01 - Cary A.

Awesome job!

5/16/2022 08:20 - Nikki M.


5/16/2022 08:14 - Anthony C.

It's nice to have some help

5/16/2022 07:41 - Karen L.

Help Franklin county

5/16/2022 07:40 - David M.

What about Jackson CountyNC Lottery
Great question, David! Thanks for commenting! Jackson County schools did not receive construction funding in this round, but they can apply for future rounds of funding, and they are still receiving lottery dollars to benefit education across the county! https://nclottery.com/EducationCounty/Jackson.

5/16/2022 07:24 - tina j.


5/16/2022 05:43 - Margaret L.

So glad our schools benefit!

5/16/2022 05:35 - Sarah w.

That's great

5/16/2022 05:24 - Gregory S.

Good to know !

5/16/2022 05:22 - Dale T.


5/16/2022 05:21 - paulett w.

when will alamance county get fundsNC Lottery
Hi, Paulett! Alamance County has received lottery funding, just not during this round of school construction funding. You can see the breakdown of how the lottery has impacted education in Alamance County here: https://nclottery.com/EducationCounty/Alamance.

5/16/2022 04:47 - Casie j.

Great news

5/16/2022 04:28 - Tammy P.

Wonderful ! Education is very important

5/16/2022 04:27 - Barbara E.


5/16/2022 03:54 - mary j.


5/16/2022 03:47 - Gail M.

This is great news!

5/16/2022 03:40 - Tammy W.

Amazing! Thank you

5/16/2022 02:42 - Lynnora B.

We all win!

5/16/2022 02:33 - Jonathan S.


5/16/2022 02:32 - hilda g.

Great to know everybody wins!

5/16/2022 01:44 - Michael M.


5/16/2022 01:15 - Lucy B.

Warren County really need the support! Thanks NCEL

5/16/2022 12:47 - Cameka L.

That's good for the schools that receive the money.Nothing for Gaston.

5/16/2022 12:41 - Jeri B.


5/16/2022 12:15 - Sheila C.

Thanks to all of whom play the ncel.

5/16/2022 11:41 - Richard P.


5/16/2022 11:37 - Donald R.

Wish Mooresville received a higher payout

5/16/2022 11:29 - matthew m.

thank you

5/16/2022 11:23 - Richard C.

The schools really need the money.Money well spent

5/16/2022 10:52 - Mary Suzanne H.

Money well spent! Thank you!

5/16/2022 10:49 - Tracy K.


5/16/2022 10:42 - Karen V.

Schools and teachers need as much as we can give them, and the Lottery is a great avenue to that end!

5/16/2022 10:27 - Rob V.

That is great news! Nice to see the NC school system is getting so much help from the Lottery!

5/16/2022 10:14 - Kish A.

I have not seen impact in Guilford CountyNC Lottery
Hey there, Kish! Although Guilford County did not receive school construction funding in this round, they have still used lottery dollars for a whole lot of good for education! https://nclottery.com/EducationCounty/Guilford. Hope this helps to clarify!

5/16/2022 10:08 - Michael Z.


5/16/2022 08:18 - Rebecca C.

Nothing for my county

5/16/2022 07:31 - Armon W.

Edgecombe ??

5/16/2022 06:38 - Lee B.

Education is our future.

5/16/2022 06:08 - Kevin H.

It is so good to see that some of the money is going to help our kids get better upgrades

5/16/2022 05:51 - Kelle W.

I'm sure I've donated enough to the mcel to have my name on a school !!! Lol

5/16/2022 05:31 - GUNNAR S.

I don't know. Teacher pay is pretty bad, still.

5/16/2022 04:30 - Maria M.

Devote more money to schools and teaching children life and money management skills

5/16/2022 03:35 - Carolyn L.


5/16/2022 02:48 - Sharon T.

i hope funds are being spent to improve education of impoverished black districts.

5/16/2022 01:54 - timmie r.


5/16/2022 01:17 - Kelly O.


5/16/2022 01:05 - Ernestine C.

What about Wilson, NC

5/16/2022 12:44 - April A.


5/15/2022 11:22 - Portia s.

Schools need this

5/15/2022 09:43 - Donna R.

The investment in youth is invaluable!

5/15/2022 09:41 - Fred P.


5/15/2022 09:32 - Gloria P.

Our children are ready for an upgrade, because kids are working hard in school to do well

5/15/2022 08:00 - Connie Z.

Looks amazing, however I didn't see Cabarrus County on the list. I do see that there is more help on the way for all 100 counties. Thank you for the info.

5/15/2022 07:52 - kathleen l.


5/15/2022 07:15 - Alika S.

It’s awesome how the money is put back into the community in such a post I’ve way.

5/15/2022 06:20 - Sally H.


5/15/2022 05:57 - Princess L.

Awesome job....our children deserve a few upgrades.

5/15/2022 04:52 - Jamie Z.

I am glad to see a lot of counties are included, the schools really need a lot to keep them looking good and working properly for the children. I am a little surprised that Moore county isn't one of the counties receiving funds. Maybe in the near future.

5/15/2022 04:52 - angela c.

THANKSS, but where is Wake County?NC Lottery
Hi, Angela! You can read about how lottery funding has helped education in Wake County here: https://nclottery.com/EducationCounty/Wake!

5/15/2022 03:21 - judy b.

Thanks for providing this info. It's good to know what our lottery money provides

5/15/2022 01:18 - Fay G.


5/15/2022 01:15 - Cindy C.

My play really makes a significant impact for our kids

5/15/2022 01:08 - Joyce T.

Glad to see money going toward education

5/15/2022 01:00 - Kay H.

I think that you are giving money to schools is a wonderful gesture not only for the children but also jobs that will help families.

5/15/2022 08:29 - Katharine H.

I don't see Durham County on the list of recipients - are they getting any of this money for education?NC Lottery
Hey, Katharine! They absolutely are! In the 2021 Fiscal Year, Durham County received almost $14 million in lottery funds for education. https://nclottery.com/EducationCounty/Durham.

5/15/2022 07:14 - Valerie A.

I'm glad the money goes to update, renovate,And to build new schools that is awesome

5/15/2022 05:40 - Eloise P.

We have to make sure and keep quality education a top priority always to remain a relevant part of this world. We never stop learning.

5/15/2022 04:39 - tonya m.

Fund our future!

5/15/2022 02:07 - Shellvet B.

Wonderful love it couldn't be better

5/15/2022 01:12 - Betty D.

I will do anything to help kids out

5/15/2022 01:09 - Betty D.

I will help any time that it is going towards our kids and their school needs

5/15/2022 12:22 - Carlos M.

Happy and proud to help in anyway I can!

5/15/2022 12:05 - Jamie E.

Game changer

5/14/2022 10:58 - Teressa H.

Quality education is critical.

5/14/2022 09:52 - Sharon J.

so awesome

5/14/2022 08:47 - Latorra H.

Thats great for the schools

5/14/2022 05:44 - Cecil W.

Good work

5/14/2022 04:49 - James S.

enjoy helping NC schools & it's fun to play

5/14/2022 03:27 - Mary E.


5/14/2022 03:00 - Shirley M.

What about Cumberland County?NC Lottery
Hi, Shirley! Cumberland County received $22.6 million in the 2021 Fiscal Year for education programs! You can see a breakdown of the lottery's impact in Cumberland County here: https://nclottery.com/EducationCounty/Cumberland. Hope this helps!

5/14/2022 02:40 - Erica C.


5/14/2022 02:00 - Dawn H.

More time into tutoring and homework

5/14/2022 01:42 - Jerome G.

Great that this is here the schools

5/14/2022 12:17 - Catherine T.

It is not necessary to take so much of the land to build new schools instead of adding on to original structures.I see a whole lot of deep forest being bulldozed down all over Durham NC. Poor wild life loosing their homes.

5/14/2022 11:49 - William K.

How about Onslow County schoolsNC Lottery
Hey there, William! While Onslow County may not have received construction funding in this round, the county and schools are able to apply to receive some in the next round! Further, lottery dollars are still helping education across the county: https://nclottery.com/EducationCounty/Onslow.

5/14/2022 11:21 - Theodore F.

Good work

5/14/2022 09:27 - Teresa F.


5/14/2022 09:13 - Juanita J.

So glad it's going to school's, Helping the kids with education is the best thing.

5/14/2022 07:43 - hattie h.

the schools need all we can give

5/14/2022 07:41 - Winfred W.


5/14/2022 06:34 - Kelvin M.

Happy an more than welcome too new project for school

5/14/2022 06:25 - Kenneth F.

Glad it is helping schools.

5/14/2022 06:02 - Sylvester T.


5/14/2022 05:46 - Patricia B.

Great news!

5/14/2022 04:32 - Gloria C.

Congratulations to all schools that are going to receive this money.

5/14/2022 01:43 - Evelyn M.

Why isn't Richmond County Schools mentioned in this list of schoolsNC Lottery
Hey, Evelyn! Richmond County did not receive school construction funding in this round, but lottery dollars are making an impact in education across the county - https://nclottery.com/EducationCounty/Richmond.

5/14/2022 12:40 - Diana L.

Great, we need new schools and upgrades.

5/14/2022 12:36 - Randy S.

Great progress helping school

5/13/2022 09:41 - Ashley O.

Happy that our lottery goes to helping school!

5/13/2022 09:15 - Leslie L.


5/13/2022 08:58 - Tammy P.

Don't see Randolph County schoolsNC Lottery
Hi, Tammy, thanks for your comment! Randolph County schools are definitely making good use of lottery dollars - in the 2021 Fiscal Year, the county received around $8.2 million dollars to fund education programs! https://nclottery.com/EducationCounty/Randolph. Hope this helps to clarify!

5/13/2022 08:43 - Steve W.

$400M over more than 10y is less than $40M per year. I bet there are more than a billion bet per year, net. So that it $40M out of a billion ($1,000M), which is 4%. Where did the rest of the money go? Oh, the billion dollars is for just PowerBall. MegaMillions raises the same amount. There there are all of the scratch-offs, etc.

5/13/2022 08:42 - Karen N.

Good to see where the money is being used

5/13/2022 08:02 - Jerry E.


5/13/2022 07:55 - BJ H.

Let's all win together

5/13/2022 07:31 - Sandra M.

Wonderful to know we are helping schools !

5/13/2022 07:13 - Benjamin M.

That is so cool man. Good to see our dollars helping the future of our kids.

5/13/2022 06:57 - wanda w.

Lexington city school need a new high school. The current school is 70 years old.

5/13/2022 06:30 - marcia m.


5/13/2022 04:38 - Tashia C.

Happy 2 help schools

5/13/2022 02:23 - Gregory S.

I'm glad this is helping our schools

5/13/2022 02:19 - Cassandra M.

Glad there giving money to schools.

5/13/2022 01:23 - Christina T.

I LOVE that the schools are being funded!!! I’m wondering if Iredell-Statesville schools can become a part of the funding.NC Lottery
Hey, Christina! Iredell County schools are able to apply for funding for construction for the next round of funding, which would be in the fall of this year. Further, just because they didn't receive construction funding in this round doesn't mean lottery dollars aren't doing a whole lot of good for education in the county! https://nclottery.com/EducationCounty/Iredell.

5/13/2022 12:08 - Hector B.

Happy to help our schools

5/13/2022 12:01 - randolph s.

how about sending some to Guilford county so they will stop doing bonds and raising taxes to pay for school projects...knthnksNC Lottery
Hi, Randolph! You'll be happy to know that Guilford County received $33,282,413 in the 2021 Fiscal Year from lottery contributions! https://nclottery.com/EducationCounty/Guilford

5/13/2022 11:10 - Branda H.

Now we should be able to update our schools with books and laptops

5/13/2022 11:05 - Brenda S.

I love to play. It also helps for education.

5/13/2022 09:47 - Christine M.

That's awesome now if the lottery could get in on building houses for families that needed them that would be really great as well...

5/13/2022 09:24 - John K.


5/13/2022 08:04 - Robert F.

This is great.

5/13/2022 07:53 - Nikki O.

Wonderful news!

5/13/2022 07:09 - Roxie S.

This is great lets help all the children

5/13/2022 06:41 - Robert P.

Its very important what you do.

5/13/2022 06:29 - tim s.

great for nc schools

5/13/2022 03:20 - ANGEL M.

Nice job ??

5/13/2022 12:05 - Mark M.

Good to see that the money we spend is used for the benefit of the kids.

5/12/2022 11:31 - Cheyune G.


5/12/2022 09:03 - Pamela R.


5/12/2022 08:20 - DEBBIE P.

where's edgecombe county?

5/12/2022 08:15 - michael b.


5/12/2022 08:14 - Claudia L.

What wasn't "Moore County" included in the monetary funds for building schools? Why should it come out of my taxpayer funds? Maybe we need to vote/elect for new Congressmen and Senators. There are many senior citizens in this county!!NC Lottery
Hi, Claudia! While Moore County isn't on the list for this round of construction funding, lottery dollars are still being put to good use in your county! https://nclottery.com/EducationCounty/Moore.

5/12/2022 08:12 - Gloria L.

Mecklenburg Co needs more funding for public schools supplies.

5/12/2022 08:06 - Wayne D.

I think it's wonderful that the NCEL is able to support and help the education system in North Carolina.

5/12/2022 07:08 - VICENTE S.


5/12/2022 06:56 - Luther E.


5/12/2022 06:10 - Felicia Y.

Great news...may we have a link to prior funded projects? It might help alleviate some of the questions about school funding for the other 72 counties. Thanks!NC Lottery
Hi there, Felicia, thank you for your comment! We have reports on our site about where lottery dollars are going and a breakdown by county for those interested! https://nclottery.com/education. Hope this helps!

5/12/2022 05:59 - malinda i.


5/12/2022 05:58 - Louise W.


5/12/2022 05:51 - John E.


5/12/2022 04:02 - John Y.


5/12/2022 03:52 - Tammy G.

how come Brunswick County Schools do not receive any lottery benefitsNC Lottery
Hey there, Tammy! Thanks for your comment. Brunswick County does receive lottery benefits - they just were not a part of this round of school construction funding. You can see the breakdown of the lottery's impact on Brunswick County here: https://nclottery.com/EducationCounty/Brunswick. Hope this helps to clarify!

5/12/2022 03:48 - Rebecca M.


5/12/2022 03:45 - Margaret M.

Be nice to know that Franklin co. Schools got help also...but awsome job on helping with these schools..

5/12/2022 03:45 - Alice J.

I think it's wonderful that the NCEL is able to support and help the education system in North Carolina!

5/12/2022 03:04 - michele m.


5/12/2022 02:57 - MAKETTA W.

Great to hear, hate to see Guilford left off & I'd vote that teachers get increases & bonuses as well.

5/12/2022 02:53 - sandy r.


5/12/2022 01:52 - JANET S.

I'm happy for the schools that have benefitted.

5/12/2022 01:48 - Cynthia B.

Great use of the money. Education is most important.

5/12/2022 12:46 - David C.


5/12/2022 11:26 - Jennifer P.


5/12/2022 11:25 - Sandra C.

So glad to see that the schools are benefiting from our purchases.

5/12/2022 10:51 - Elaine S.

This is great news.

5/12/2022 10:34 - Brenda R.

I am glad Sampson County is in the numbers. I am glad for Clinton City Schools but our rural schools such as Hobbton, Clement and others?

5/12/2022 10:10 - Paula P.

Building and updating schools is wonderful, although I do wish a portion of lottery monies went to help schools with teacher salaries, school supplies, and suchNC Lottery
Hey there, Paula! We understand this is an important topic for North Carolinians. We wanted to take this opportunity to share some info. Legislators – not the lottery – decide how to best use the money we raise. They must weigh all the needs for our schools, from classroom supplies to teacher pay. So far, legislators have not opted to use lottery funds for classroom supplies, but the money we raise helps meet other important needs.

5/12/2022 09:17 - Martin O.

Glad to see the lottery is helping school construction projects. What about teacher salaries. Why can’t the lottery money supplement teacher salaries. Having a nice classroom and no teacher makes no sense.NC Lottery
Hi, Martin! We wanted to let you know that legislators – not lottery officials – decide how to best use the money raised by the lottery. So far legislators have not opted to use lottery funds for classroom supplies, but the money raised helps meet other important needs, such as operating costs and transportation, school maintenance and construction, pre-k programs for 4-year-olds, salaries for school workers, and needs-based scholarships and grants!

5/12/2022 08:04 - Annette B.

Incredibly sad that Macon County was not on the list. The high school main building is 75 years old, and the gymnasium is even older. We've been trying to come up with funds to replace these buildings for 20 years. Our conservative commissioners are against any tax increase.

5/12/2022 07:34 - nicholas p.

cool deal

5/12/2022 07:33 - nicholas p.

kool deal

5/12/2022 07:07 - marc f.

Awesome, great to hear.

5/12/2022 03:29 - ROBERT R.

Glad to know my money is helping so many children learn.

5/12/2022 02:11 - Joan S.


5/12/2022 01:50 - Joel G.


5/12/2022 12:50 - Cheryl D.


5/11/2022 11:16 - kenneth m.


5/11/2022 10:26 - Sheldon M.

Outstanding! Good to demonstrate how the lottery is making a difference in our community.

5/11/2022 10:10 - Lucinda W.

Awesome! The fun of play is real, the contributions to education is awww inspiring.

5/11/2022 09:03 - Susan B.


5/11/2022 08:18 - Donna T.

Grateful to know how and where the money is being used. This is great! Thank you.

5/11/2022 08:15 - DIANE S.

That is awesome

5/11/2022 07:49 - Barbara H.

Good to see the funds going to our schools

5/11/2022 07:42 - Gilbert H.

Why not Davidson County?NC Lottery
Hey there, Gilbert! Davidson County was not one of the counties that received funding for school construction in this round of funding, but that doesn't mean lottery funds haven't gone to helping your county! You can read more about the lottery's impact with Davidson County here: https://nclottery.com/EducationCounty/Davidson.

5/11/2022 07:12 - Teresa T.


5/11/2022 06:57 - Donna K.

I'm surprised!

5/11/2022 06:53 - Nicholas R.

I’m just glad the money from the lottery goes to the kids education .

5/11/2022 06:20 - James B.


5/11/2022 06:13 - Lowry H.


5/11/2022 06:04 - Nerissa J.

Why Gaston County schools not on the list?NC Lottery
Hi, Nerissa, you ask a great question! Not all counties received funding for school construction in this round, but there will be another round of funding in the fall which schools are able to apply for! Gaston County may not have received construction funding, but the lottery has definitely made an impact on education in the county. You can read more about it here: https://nclottery.com/EducationCounty/Gaston. Hope this helps to clarify!

5/11/2022 05:44 - Susan H.


5/11/2022 05:39 - Barbara C.

This is great.

5/11/2022 05:09 - LINDA M.

So thankful NC got the ED Lottery to benefit our children.

5/11/2022 05:09 - Ann K.

Our schools are helping our students grow in the right directions.

5/11/2022 04:26 - Rhonda H.

This is amazing. I love the lottery and it goes to a great cause.

5/11/2022 04:13 - Virginia B.

Just what we need -- more good schools

5/11/2022 03:16 - Catherine S.

Union County definitely needs more schools. Population has exploded!

5/11/2022 02:59 - Nancy R.


5/11/2022 02:27 - Jacob H.


5/11/2022 01:02 - Cheryl S.


5/11/2022 12:59 - Janice S.

Yay! Yancey county get funds for schools

5/11/2022 12:44 - richard f.


5/11/2022 12:37 - Ronnie D.

Good use of the money

5/11/2022 12:16 - debbie m.

awesome !!!

5/11/2022 11:32 - Regina U.

I see nothing for Gaston county.

5/11/2022 11:14 - Pam J.


5/11/2022 11:10 - Kimberly J.

This is absolutely wonderful

5/11/2022 11:03 - jong v.

Awesome job NC lottery!

5/11/2022 11:02 - Teresa S.


5/11/2022 10:56 - donald m.

great use of funds lucky nc

5/11/2022 09:53 - pat s.

Nothing for franklin??NC Lottery
Hi there, Pat! Franklin County did not receive construction funding in this round, but the good news is there's another round in the fall that the county is able to apply for! Further, lottery funds have still helped education in Franklin County with other needs. You can read more about the lottery's impact on Franklin County here: https://nclottery.com/EducationCounty/Franklin.

5/11/2022 09:30 - Linda I.


5/11/2022 09:21 - Toby P.


5/11/2022 09:08 - Mark L.


5/11/2022 08:54 - thomas s.

What about the other 72 counties?NC Lottery
Hi, Thomas! You will be happy to know that 100% of our earnings benefit education. There are independently audited annual reports on our website that detail where every penny in lottery ticket sales have been used. You can even see a county-specific breakdown of how lottery dollars have been directed to specific education programs in every county in the state here: nclottery.com/education.

5/11/2022 08:49 - Angelia I.


5/11/2022 08:49 - David A.

amazing, why not more??

5/11/2022 08:08 - Shadai M.

Durham county?NC Lottery
Hey there, Shadai! Durham County did not receive any funding for school construction in this round, but that doesn't mean lottery dollars aren't being used to meet other needs in that county! https://nclottery.com/EducationCounty/Durham.

5/11/2022 08:04 - Janice R.


5/11/2022 08:03 - fred b.

This is awesome!!

5/11/2022 07:27 - charlie v.


5/11/2022 01:29 - Linda J.

This is great

5/11/2022 12:51 - Sheila P.

Love that the money goes to schools

5/11/2022 12:32 - Carmen L.

Glad to see schools are getting improvement

5/10/2022 11:41 - Jeanne I.

Awesome! Nice to know this is fis for better education for oufor our children grandchildren

5/10/2022 11:05 - George C.


5/10/2022 10:37 - WILLIAM G.


5/10/2022 10:14 - Christine D.

What about Beverly Hills Elementary in Concord, NC? Super old school in desperate need of repairs.

5/10/2022 10:11 - audwin r.

How many new schools for Belmont, NC, Charlotte NC and Concord NC ?

5/10/2022 09:37 - Tina C.


5/10/2022 09:10 - wanda j.

Where is Youngsville???? Glad to hear you are helping kids learn in a school that is not run down but instead have a cleaner and more updated environment for better learning.

5/10/2022 08:44 - Lynn S.

We owe it to our children to offer them the opportunity to obtain a good education.

5/10/2022 08:37 - Carol M.

Elkin City Schools deserves money too!NC Lottery
Thanks for your comment, Carol! We wish that we had the funding to provide new schools for every county when they need them. Counties and schools can apply for funding for construction, the next round of funding will be in the fall. You can see a county-specific breakdown of funding here: https://nclottery.com/Education.

5/10/2022 08:34 - Trudy G.

A Blessing Warren county needs it a long time coming.

5/10/2022 08:21 - Denise J.


5/10/2022 08:18 - PATRICIA W.

Why isn't Edgecombe County on this list. I want to see my littery spent in my CountyNC Lottery
We completely understand that, Patricia, which is why we have this great resource on our site so our players can see how funding was used in their specific county. You can see how lottery funds have been used to help education in Edgecombe County here: https://nclottery.com/EducationCounty/Edgecombe.

5/10/2022 08:17 - Althea M.


5/10/2022 08:16 - Althea M.

I hope and pray Hoke and Montgomery County use the Money and School Fund to help their Students very, very, very, wisely. God Bless all the Children in the whole WORLD!

5/10/2022 08:13 - Marc M.

Good job

5/10/2022 08:10 - Susan S.

I’m glad to see the money is being put to good use but I hope in the future you could help out Davidson County schools some of their schools are in really bad shape

5/10/2022 08:05 - Gabriel S.

Absolutely amazing

5/10/2022 08:00 - Charissa M.

Great News !

5/10/2022 07:56 - Gary R.

Wow, that is beyond great.

5/10/2022 07:50 - Barbara A.


5/10/2022 07:35 - kuwsh-mubaarak m.

where does the rest go? the purpose of this lottery from the beginning was & still is NC EDUCATION.NC Lottery
Hey there, Kuwsh-Mubaarak! You ask a great question and we have some info for you! Last year we were able to raise more than $744 million for education. We have independently-audited, detailed reports on our website: https://nclottery.com/education. Hope this helps!

5/10/2022 07:27 - Alice S.


5/10/2022 07:23 - Shirley H.

This is wonderful

5/10/2022 07:06 - Dawn T.

why not Rowan countyNC Lottery
Hi, Dawn! While Rowan County may not have received funding for construction in this round, there is another round of funding in the fall that schools and counties can apply for! Further, Rowan County has still received lottery funding to help meet education needs; you can read about the lottery's impact in your county here: https://nclottery.com/EducationCounty/Rowan.

5/10/2022 07:04 - Phyllis A.


5/10/2022 06:58 - MELISSA S.


5/10/2022 06:40 - Edmond H.

Playing not going to waste…YEAH!

5/10/2022 06:34 - Teresa S.


5/10/2022 06:18 - Shelby R.


5/10/2022 05:56 - Tiffan T.

Wonderful news!!!

5/10/2022 05:27 - Juanita J.

That's a great, start; for the, market.

5/10/2022 05:12 - Fonda S.


5/10/2022 04:46 - PRESTON E.


5/10/2022 04:35 - John E.


5/10/2022 04:28 - Richard H.

well done

5/10/2022 03:19 - Belinda S.


5/10/2022 03:07 - Devondia P.


5/10/2022 02:51 - Treva M.

This the way to help the school systems instead of voting on bonds to raise property taxes.

5/10/2022 02:31 - Kathryn R.

This is wonderful and gives me more of a reason to purchase lottery tickets.

5/10/2022 01:56 - John M.

Hoke county sure could use it. Hope it is used wisely

5/10/2022 01:49 - Carol S.


5/10/2022 01:25 - Zelma G.

So glad to know that our schools will benefit from NC Education Lottery!

5/10/2022 01:21 - Barbara P.


5/10/2022 01:02 - Kimberly G.

Sad that Person County was left out, but glad other underserved communities will benefit.

5/10/2022 11:40 - Kenton A.


5/10/2022 11:34 - Neil W.

No comment.

5/10/2022 11:18 - Harry C.


5/10/2022 11:13 - Diana B.

So glad the money is being put to good use! ??

5/10/2022 10:34 - TABATHA G.


5/10/2022 10:21 - Scott B.

Well Done

5/10/2022 09:47 - gail n.

so glad to know that our money directed to the improvements of schools

5/10/2022 09:39 - Robert F.

Make sure our school teams are moving forward.

5/10/2022 09:36 - Jacob M.

Great! Thank you for the funds to support the schools!

5/10/2022 09:11 - Deborah T.

wish teachers could be paid more

5/10/2022 08:20 - edward d.

An educated country is a free country.

5/10/2022 08:06 - Nancy B.

What about Stanly County? They really need the help.

5/10/2022 07:22 - DENIS P.


5/10/2022 06:48 - David N.

Hope everyone realizes the good that comes from playing the lottery.

5/10/2022 06:09 - Shirley T.

Great work

5/10/2022 05:45 - Delphine M.

What about sampson county schools. Hobbton has not had a new school and that school is rundown and needs to be iofraded

5/10/2022 05:43 - Clara M.

I am pleased to know the funds from the lottery is making a significant impact on the kids in North Carolina.

5/10/2022 05:28 - Jerry b.

Bravo Lottery !

5/10/2022 04:21 - Johnnie G.

I'm happy you're help school education is important

5/10/2022 04:20 - David T.

Love this app

5/10/2022 12:48 - Derrick S.

How many second chance entries for the first 300x game ?NC Lottery
Hey there, Derrick! Are you referring to the 200X The Cash Second Chance drawing? If so, we've received 1,038,813 entries so far!

5/06/2022 11:51 - Cassandra B.

i play the cash five often on line, when is the dp and ez going to be available on line?NC Lottery
Hey there, Cassandra! While we currently do not have a plan set in stone for offering EZ Match or Double Play online for Cash 5, many players like yourself have let us know that this is something they're interested in seeing, so we hope to be able to offer that in the future!

5/05/2022 06:00 - Sheila I.

What about Mecklenburg county? That's were I live and play. Also, how about adding more/better winnings to scratch offs? ThanksNC Lottery
Hi, Sheila! While Mecklenburg County did not receive construction funds in this round of funding, that doesn't mean lottery dollars aren't doing a lot of good in your county! You can see the breakdown of the lottery's impact in Mecklenburg County here: https://nclottery.com/EducationCounty/Mecklenburg. Hope this helps to clarify!

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