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Be Smart, Play Smart

July 12, 2022 Posted by NC Lottery at 4:30 PM

You just got an email that says you won $421 million. It’s from the North Carolina Educational International Lottery and all you have to do next is contact the lottery to find out how to collect the funds.

“They said I won through a free entry from my LinkedIn profile,” said the person sharing the email with us. “I hope this helps you stop them.”

Our writer was smart enough to easily see this was the start of a scam. We hope you will be too.

Check out the email reported to us and see if you can see the red flags that should be a warning sign.

Scam Email Example

Red Flags:

1 The sender’s email address is not an official NC Lottery email address

2 The NC Education Lottery is not an international lottery.

3a The name in the email closing does not match the name of the sender’s email address. 3b The address is based in Chicago, IL, not NC.

Here are a few helpful tips to help you Be Smart, Play Smart, and prevent you from becoming a victim of a scam: 

  • Never give your credit card, social security, driver’s license, passport, or bank account numbers over the phone, in an email, or through a letter to anyone promising lottery cash prizes. 
  • Never pay anyone a fee to obtain your winnings. This includes “processing” and “handling” costs.
  • Never respond to a letter, email, or phone call requesting you to send money or to cash a check with directions to send a portion of the money back.

If you have any questions about the legitimacy of a lottery communication, please call our Security Hotline, available 24 hours a day, at 888-732-6235.

For more examples and tips on how to avoid scams, visit our Player Security page.


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10/20/2022 02:25 - Donald W.

Question for you regarding "FIREBALL" (Pick 4). Last night (Thursday, 10/19) I played the numbers 6-5-3-2 (50/50) but, sadly, I did not play the extra 1$ for "FIREBALL." The result (i.e. winning #s) 6-3-2-2 (5). IF I had played the "FIREBALL" would I have won 28$s or 56$s?NC Lottery
Hey there, Donald! As the Fireball could replace either of the 2's drawn, you would win $56 ($28 for each combination match).

9/29/2022 04:49 - Steve L. P.

These red flags aren't hard to see. I don't see how anyone taking the time to read it would fall for such a scam.

9/26/2022 02:12 - Nathaniel D.

Heck yeahhhhhh

9/25/2022 09:37 - Donavan C.

If the winner hasn't responded to drawing how long does it take to pick another winner from the drawings? And will it say winner notified until a winner is selected?NC Lottery
Hi, Donavan! Winners have 30 days to claim their prize from Lucke-Rewards and Second Chance drawings - after those 30 days, we will begin the process of selecting an alternate winner. And yes, it will say "Winner Notified" until a winner claims!

9/15/2022 01:24 - Mathew B.

good afternoon, have you changed the pick4, are you no longer able to purchase 1 ticket for 7 draws?NC Lottery
Hi, Mathew! With Fireball starting this weekend, we are getting new play slips in our stores - so players are unable to purchase draws that go past the 17th. This will change as soon as our new play slips take effect this weekend!

9/04/2022 11:55 - Sheila C.

What do congratulations redemption means if u get that in ur email reward points u wonNC Lottery
Hi Sheila, I'm not sure exactly what you are referring to. If you do have questions about specific emails you have received you can contact our online play support directly via Online Chat here: https://nclottery.com/Help and they can verify and explain any messages sent to you.

7/14/2022 12:15 - Monique B.

Thank you for the information

7/14/2022 08:43 - Ryan D J.

Thank you for these alerts. Keep NC lottery free from frauds and scams!

7/13/2022 08:46 - Larry H.

Thanks for the Red flag information

7/12/2022 06:29 - Mary S.

What time do they do the lucky for life drawings.NC Lottery
Hi, Mary! Lucky For Life drawings occur each night around 10:30 PM EST.

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