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Fireball will ignite your Pick 3 and Pick 4 play

September 18, 2022 Posted by NC Lottery at 8:00 AM

Ready for some Fireball!

Today a new feature – the Fireball – comes to two of your favorite games, Carolina Pick 3 and Carolina Pick 4.

What’s Fireball? Fireball is a new add-on feature to Pick 3 and Pick 4 games that gives you more combinations to match and win. You can win multiple times on a ticket depending on the number you play.

The red Fireball provides an extra number drawn after each Pick 3 and Pick 4 drawing. The number on the Fireball replaces any of the lottery drawn numbers in the Pick 3 or Pick 4 drawings to give you more combinations to match to win.

Here's what you need to know about this exciting new feature.

Which of my numbers does the Fireball replace? None. The Fireball doesn’t replace one of your numbers. It replaces any of the numbers drawn by the lottery in the Pick 3 and Pick 4 drawings.

How much does adding the Fireball cost? Adding Fireball doubles the cost of your ticket.

Can Fireball be added to any play type on Pick 3 and Pick 4 plays? Yes. The Fireball add-on feature can be added to any play type. To include the Fireball add-on feature to your play, choose Fireball on your play slip or ask your retailer to add to your play.

Do Fireball prizes differ from prizes in the base game? Yes. Fireball prizes are in addition to those in the base Pick 3 and Pick 4 games. Check out the How to Play webpages for Pick 3 with Fireball here and for Pick 4 with Fireball here. You can find prize charts in the how to play brochures located at your local lottery retailer. Prizes and odds are also on the backs of the new Pick 3 and Pick 4 Fireball play slips.

Can I win on both the base game and Fireball? You sure can. Fireball prizes are awarded in addition to any prizes won in the base game.

How can I learn more about the new Fireball add-on? Watch the How to Play Fireball video here. Let Fireball ignite the fun of Pick 3 and Pick 4.

Have fun and good luck!


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10/03/2022 04:56 - NC Lottery

@Lee - Hey there! Thanks for your comment! Fireball can replace any of the lottery-drawn numbers to help you create more winning combinations, but your numbers always remain your own. Since you had a 6 in your combination, you were unable to match the drawn numbers in any order, including with Fireball substitutions (you could make the additional combos of 3-3-2-3 and 1-3-3-3). Hope this helps to clarify!

10/03/2022 02:37 - Lee M.

I played 3216 (50/50) with Fireball The winning number was 1323 and fireball number was 3 With 50/50, my number of 3216 is considered a 24 way number. Meaning I have 24 ways to win. One of my 24 ways to win would be 1326 Again: The winning number was 1323 and fireball number was 3 And since I played fireball, why didn't I win the 1323? Does play type (50/50) rules not apply to the fireball play table? Does play type (Any) not apply to the fireball play table? Does the play type (combo) apply to the fireball table? The video you have, which is supposed to show how to play with fireball, only uses an example with play type (exact) Is play type (50/50) excluded?

9/21/2022 05:29 - Demarcus G.

Okay..quick question....if I played $100 option trip 555s and they come out and the fireball is 5 with $1.00 add on option. I would win $500, plus an extra $540. Would I have to go to a claim center to get my funds??NC Lottery
Hey there, Demarcus! Yes - if the win is on a single ticket, you would need to go to a lottery office to claim, or you could claim by mail! Any prizes over $600 would require a visit to a claim center or claiming by mail, though. Hope this helps to clarify!

9/21/2022 07:07 - Denver G.

I get it NOW!!!

9/20/2022 11:08 - Denver G.

I got two 50 cent QP pic3 yesterday, they were $1 each. Last nights # was 484 FB4. my tickets were 884 & 487. So $90 win on each ticket.. Is that correct??? Would have been $180 on each if played for $1 costing $2 each for FB.NC Lottery
Hey Denver. As you note, the lottery drawn numbers were "4-8-4" and the Fireball was "4". This means the Fireball winning combinations for that draw are "4-8-4", "4-4-4" and "4-8-4". Your numbers of "8-8-4" and "4-8-7" would not have won. The Fireball only replaces the lottery-drawn numbers, not the numbers on your ticket.

9/20/2022 02:58 - Reba C.

I play pick 3 111 for midday and purchase the fireball as well. The fireball was 5. My ticket stated that is was not a winning ticket.NC Lottery
Hi Reba, that is correct, the lottery-drawn numbers in the Sept 18 daytime drawing were "1-1-2" and the Fireball number was "5". This means the Fireball winning combinations were "5-1-2", "1-5-2" and "1-1-5". You can check the Fireball combinations on each drawing's payout page:

9/20/2022 12:36 - Treva H.

I played 3819 if I would have had my one-off option I could have easily won $300 or $150 I do not like this new fireball. As a faithful player this sucks

9/20/2022 12:23 - Treva H.

Do not like this Fireball there are not more ways of winning this way. The one off gave you more chances of winning. I played the last several days and I feel like I just threw my money away I will not check the fireball box from here on out I will just play my regular number Pick 3 or Pick 4. Out of all the numbers that has come out the last few days if I had one off option I would have won money both days. I know we can't have a say in what we want but I do have a say and what I spend and it won't be on fireball.

9/20/2022 12:09 - James J.

Okay I played 454 exact with the fireball option does that mean I didn’t win even though the fireball was 4NC Lottery
Hi James, the lottery drawn numbers were "4-8-4" and the fireball was "4". This means the Fireball winning combinations were "4-8-4" "4-4-4" and "4-8-4". The fireball replaces each lottery-drawn number to form 3 additional winning combinations. In this draw that means there were two combinations that were the same as the base draw numbers. If a player had a $1 "4-8-4" exact ticket, they would win the base numbers for $500 and then two sets of the Fireball numbers for $180 each. In total that ticket would have won $860.

9/19/2022 05:33 - Sheila C.

Thanku I'm going to try the fireball tomorrow I played the pick 3 everyday but didn't know until just then what the fireball meant because I played both today day time n evening

9/19/2022 02:03 - Wanda H.

Why does the lottery terminal add 1.00 fireball to 50/50 play but you can't win. I played 315 on a 50/50 play nut ticket is not a winner. I was charged a dollar for fireballNC Lottery
Hi Wanda, if you are referring to the Sept. 18 Evening Drawing, the lottery drawn numbers were "3-1-3" and the Fireball was "8". This means the Fireball combinations were: "8-1-3", "3-8-3" and "3-1-8" You can always check the Fireball combinations on the draw page.

9/18/2022 10:14 - shirley b.

Ready for another trip.

9/18/2022 08:20 - Albert N.

I see what you explained. However, it is not very clear! please giving explanation for the situation shown on the following: As an example, suppose i play pick 4 game with the choosing number of 4444 and i also bought a fire ball and luckily the result for my game is exactly matching my playing number as well as the fireball (i.e., also 4). How much i am wining for this case!NC Lottery
Hi, Albert, great question! If you played a $1 base play and matched all 5 numbers with Exact, you would win $5,000 with your base Pick 4 win, and if the Fireball number was also 4, you would win an additional $1,350 with your Fireball win, for a total of $6,350!

9/18/2022 07:48 - Tiffany D.

Can fireball can be added to one off plays as well.NC Lottery
Hi, Tiffany! With the introduction of Fireball, we discontinued one-off plays as Fireball works in a similar way to help create more winning combinations!

9/18/2022 03:52 - bradley s.

Another Joke NCEL joke scam. Pay extra $1 per play for 1/3 roughly of Regular top prize?? Geez this is joke. Double draw 3@night and old Pick 4 double down type games were best. This is bad as Cash 5- extra sum $1 Oh & Thnks for heads up on New play slips. Cost me time / no money today. Fireball ; geez ????????

9/18/2022 11:30 - KYM B.

I bought a ticket Friday for the Keno promotion you have going. I won, but when I went to cash in, it didn't give me the 50% extra. How can someone trust all these new promos?NC Lottery
Hi Kym, The Keno Bonus Hours promotion is only available for tickets with the Multiplier add-on purchased at select retailers on Fridays in September between 4-6pm. You can see the full list of participating retailers here: If you think your ticket qualified, but you did not receive the bonus, please contact our Player Hotline at: 877-962-7529

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