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Did you win Bonus Cash?

January 23, 2023 Posted by NC Lottery at 12:05 PM

The third Cash 5 Bonus Cash drawing occurred Monday and if you were a winner you can now collect your prize.

This January promotion gives you extra chances to win prizes of $500 or even $100,000. Through Jan. 29, every time you spend $5 or more on a single Carolina Cash 5 ticket at a lottery retail store you will receive a Bonus Cash Entry ticket. The seven-digit number on your Bonus Cash Entry ticket will automatically be entered into the next Cash 5 Bonus Cash Drawing.

Each drawing awards 40 prizes of $500 and one prize of $100,000. Here’s how to find out if won.

  • Use your Entry Ticket to see if you won at ticket checkers at lottery retail stores.
  • Check to see if your Entry Ticket is a winner on the Cash 5 Bonus Cash web page. You can enter your Entry Ticket number in the search box to see if you won. Or look for the winning numbers posted on the web page to see if your Entry Ticket was a winner.

Your Bonus Cash Entry ticket must be presented to claim your prize.

If you won $500, you can claim your prize at your favorite lottery retail store. If you won the $100,000 prize, you’ll need to bring your Entry Ticket to lottery headquarters in Raleigh to claim that prize.

We look forward to meeting the big winners soon.

One more Bonus Cash Drawing will be held. The last drawings is scheduled at midday on Monday for:

  • Jan. 30

Good luck to all our Cash 5 players.


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1/28/2023 08:31 - joanie m.

I didn't win anything, but really glad you had bonus games on cash 5 more chances to win

1/28/2023 06:53 - Olivia M.

Como saver si gane algo

1/27/2023 01:39 - Roszena A L.


1/27/2023 07:30 - Darlene E.

O.k. thanks for responding. Where is it advertised about the online P3/P4??? Scratch Ticket come out before first tues??????NC Lottery
Hi, Darlene! It isn't advertised on our site yet other than being mentioned in our Big Things Coming in 2023 blog post, but we'll have more details on our site soon!

1/26/2023 08:02 - Darlene E.

When will be able to play pick 3/4 online in feb? What are the new scratch for FEB? Why not advertise them. ThanksNC Lottery
Hey there, Darlene! New scratch-offs are advertised and released on the First Tuesday of each month. And Pick 3 and Pick 4 will be coming to Online Play in early February - stay tuned for more details!

1/25/2023 03:10 - Denver G.

Bonus Cash entry #7001004 was the winning entry for entry for me. :-). So looking forward to February. The 2nd chance drawings, new scratch offs. Being able to play pic3 online . Not only my birthday, but also 2 of my 6 grandkids birthdays!!!

1/25/2023 06:58 - Dorina R.

Hey I’m a love of lottery enjoy it been playing for years just wondering why is the Big scratch off’s quick picks high end winners in certain places different amongs 5 dollars and rual areas higher pay outs Thk youNC Lottery
Hi, Dorina! Regardless of where you play, whether it's a big city, small town, mountains, coast, or something in between, your odds of being a lucky winner are the same! Scratch-offs are distributed randomly throughout our state as they are ordered - no one, not even us, knows where the big winners are until a lucky player scratches one off!

1/25/2023 06:55 - Mike S.

Nope - way to go Turbo!

1/25/2023 03:41 - Charise G.

I purchased (5) Cash 5 tickets on a single ticket from a machine on Monday. After my ticket printed, it said something like congratulations you've won a free ticket but nothing printed. I waited for bit but still nothing. Apparently my "ticket" is automatically entered in this drawing but without that bonus ticket printing, I don't know what my entry number is & wouldn't be able to claim any potential prize. Am I just out of luck or is there anything on my Cash 5 ticket that would connect me to my entry ticket?NC Lottery
Hi, Charise! Does it say on the top of your Cash 5 ticket that you have received a Bonus Cash entry ticket? If it does, please contact our security team at 1-888-732-6235 and we can help with the missing entry ticket.

1/25/2023 12:14 - Douglas H.

I played one today and have a bonus ticket for the 30th drawing. The good news is today. I also played a quick pick one dollar pick three the number 733 came out and I won $500 tonight :-). I haven’t played in a while but I wanted to make sure to get at least one entry for this bonus game and randomly play my pick three. Wow!! Love those random QP wins. Good luck everybody and next week’s drawing.NC Lottery
That's awesome, Douglas! Congratulations on the wins!

1/24/2023 08:57 - joanie m.

No wins for me yet Congratulations to the winners 1 more chance January 30

1/24/2023 05:40 - Tatiana D.

Denver, congratulations to you! That is a great win. Nothing for me so far. Hope to win something this week.

1/24/2023 09:56 - Angela A.

Strike 3 nothing again my numbers are not even close to the numbers drawn. This is so crazy progressive is the same way nothing. Pick three and Pick four nothing where is my 123 and not in no Fireball I quit that, because it is highway robbery as far as the pay vs cost.

1/23/2023 07:56 - Kiana A.

I reside in Cleveland County and that’s why wanted to know why when I pay with cash app for my online purchase via NC lottery app the NC Education Lottery location is Lansing, NC. I don’t even know where Lansing, NC. I hope my account on the app isn’t hacked.NC Lottery
Hey there, Kiana! We spoke with our Customer Services team and they informed us that our Online Support Center is located in Lansing, which is why the charge may be showing from there. As long as the charge says NC Lottery and the amount is correct, you have nothing to worry about :)

1/23/2023 04:18 - Joe S.

Buy 5 tickets for one drawing date? Or, buy tickets for 5 consecutive drawings? I buy a week's worth at a time through auto draft.NC Lottery
Hi, Joe! Any Cash 5 purchase of $5 or more on a single ticket will give a Bonus Cash entry ticket - but this promotion is only available for retailer or lottery vending machine purchases; Online Play purchases would not qualify.

1/23/2023 04:06 - Kiana A.

I have a question about online purchase via the NC Lottery app which I normally purchase with my bank debit card but here recently I used my CashApp card and once the transaction is completed my Cashapp will send me a notification stating the amount of purchase for in NC Lottery and the location where it was sent which is Lansing, NC. Why is it that location and not Raleigh, NC, which is the headquarters? So if I hit big($500,000 or more)will that amount go into my NC lottery account or do I have to go to Lansing, NC to collect?NC Lottery
Hi there, Kiana! If you win a prize of $100,000 or more, you'll get to come to the Raleigh HQ office to claim :) We're not entirely sure why the location would say Lansing - is that an area near you/were you in that area when making your purchase?

1/23/2023 01:24 - Roger K.


1/23/2023 12:29 - Denver G.

YES I DID, $500. Like I said, not going over board. I'm getting 1 ticket a day. The $500 winner was from 01/16 at 10:15 AM, the 1st one of the week for me. Out here in Transylvania county.NC Lottery
That's awesome, Denver! Congratulations on the win!

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