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Did you win Bonus Cash?

January 30, 2023 Posted by NC Lottery at 12:21 PM

The fourth and final Cash 5 Bonus Cash drawing occurred Monday and if you were a winner you can now collect your prize.

Here’s how to find out if you have a winning Entry Ticket.

  • Use your Entry Ticket to see if you won at ticket checkers at lottery retail stores.
  • Check to see if your Entry Ticket is a winner on the Cash 5 Bonus Cash web page. You can enter your Entry Ticket number in the search box to see if you won. Or look for the winning numbers posted on the web page to see if your Entry Ticket was a winner.

Your Bonus Cash Entry ticket must be presented to claim your prize.

If you won $500, you can claim your prize at your favorite lottery retail store. If you won the $100,000 prize, you’ll need to bring your Entry Ticket to lottery headquarters in Raleigh to claim that prize.

Each drawing during the January promotion awarded 40 prizes of $500 and one prize of $100,000. So during the month, Cash 5 players who qualified for the promotion won four $100,000 prizes and 160 $500 prizes. And everyone still had a chance to win a Cash 5 jackpot. That’s why it was called Bonus Cash.

Congrats to all our Cash 5 Bonus Cash winners.


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2/01/2023 06:58 - Roger K.

No luck on this one as usual.

1/30/2023 11:33 - Dulanda S.


1/30/2023 09:07 - Allan O.

Had good time playing cash 5 bonus and hope to win next time it’s come back

1/30/2023 07:14 - Gina C.

NCEL , I think you need to keep this promotion going, it at least has more winners in this State THAN those high-flying Multi-State lotto's i.e., Mega & Powerball. no reason for 1 person or family to win 3 hundred PLUS Million... Just my opinion. BUT, BRAVO!! on these new Promotions coming up for February, now that's more like it.... many winners... ThankyouNC Lottery
Thanks for the positive feedback, Gina! We're glad to hear you liked this promotion and like our upcoming ones - we're excited for all we have in store for this year!

1/30/2023 02:37 - Mike S.

Nope-waste of money. Spent $100 during the promotion and won a whopping $3.

1/30/2023 12:41 - Denver G.

Not this week. Had fun playing and loved the promo. I still got the $500 winner from last week. Holding onto it till February, if not this week , maybe next.

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