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Bonus Cash Drawings provide extra chances to win

November 1, 2023 Posted by NC Lottery at 8:52 AM

Play Carolina Cash 5 in November for a chance to win bonus prizes of $500 or even $100,000 in one of our weekly drawings in the Cash 5 Bonus Cash promotion.

Starting Nov. 1 and running through Dec. 1, every time you spend $5 or more on a single Carolina Cash 5 ticket at a lottery retail store you will receive a Bonus Cash Entry ticket. The seven-digit number on your Bonus Cash Entry ticket will automatically be entered into the next Cash 5 Bonus Cash Drawing.

Four weekly Bonus Cash Drawings will be held. The drawings are scheduled for:

  • Nov. 8
  • Nov. 15
  • Nov. 22
  • Dec. 1

Each drawing will award 40 prizes of $500 and one prize of $100,000.

Winning Bonus Cash Entry numbers will be posted on the lottery’s website in the afternoon on each draw date. Entry tickets may also be checked at any lottery ticket checker once the results are posted.

You could win first on your Cash 5 ticket, then win again in the Bonus Cash Drawing. That’s why it’s called Bonus Cash.

Your Bonus Cash Entry ticket must be presented to claim your prize. If you win, use your Entry ticket to claim your prize at any lottery retailer or a lottery claim center. If you win a $100,000 prize, you’ll need to bring your Entry ticket to lottery headquarters in Raleigh to claim that prize.

Good luck to all our Cash 5 players. Get yourself some bonus cash!


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12/14/2023 02:13 - gerald w.

on rewards drawing $100,000.00 on Dec 31 can your name be picked twice so you could win $200,000.00NC Lottery
Hey there, Gerald! Our drawings are conducted using a secure Random Number Generator (RNG) - each entry is assigned a numerical value and the RNG randomly selects winning entries. So theoretically, if you have multiple entries you could be randomly selected as a winner twice, but winners are only eligible to win one prize in that drawing (so if your name was selected twice, one of those prizes would be awarded to an alternate winner). Wishing you lots of luck!

11/22/2023 02:42 - Arneta W.

Where can I check my numbers?NC Lottery
Hi, Arneta! You can check your numbers on the Cash 5 Bonus Cash promotion page here, just visit the "Check Numbers" tab: https://nclottery.com/promo/cash5-bonus-cash.

11/22/2023 11:48 - Mary K.

Still can't find winning numbers for Nov 15NC Lottery
Hi, Mary! You can find the winning numbers for all 3 Bonus Cash drawings on our page here, under the Check Numbers tab: https://nclottery.com/promo/cash5-bonus-cash.

11/13/2023 07:05 - Roger K.

Just got my 2nd bonus cash ticket for the 15th drawing. Didn't find any penny's this go around! Didn't win on last drawing either. 100,000 come to me, baby!NC Lottery
We're wishing you lots of luck in the next drawing, Roger!

11/11/2023 10:08 - Hari A.

Is this promotion of Bonus ticket (with purchase of cash 5- $5) available at vending machines ?NC Lottery
Hey there, Hari! Yes - this promotion is available at lottery vending machines.

11/08/2023 09:15 - Patricia N.

Where do you see the bonus cash winner NumberNC Lottery
Hi, Patricia! You can check your numbers on our website here under the "Check Numbers" tab: https://nclottery.com/promo/cash5-bonus-cash.

11/06/2023 11:35 - Uma A.

Why isn't NC lottery made available for the online purchases, since all features are available on the website. It's disappointing after it should make it easier for the public since we live in the web world.In future they should think twice.NC Lottery
Hi, Uma! Just as we offer some online-only promotions, we offered this promotion as a way to support our wonderful retailers across our state! Stay tuned for more exciting promos in the future though, both in-store and online!

11/06/2023 11:35 - Denver G.

Hey LZ, any reason the first 3 drawings are 7 days each and drawn on a Wed. and the last drawing is 10 days long and drawn on a Friday?NC Lottery
Hi, Denver! This is just to encompass the remainder of the month of November - so we added the extra days to the final drawing to allow this promotion to run through the end of the month. :)

11/02/2023 10:54 - Vivian p.

Thank you for the information, Im ready!!!!

11/02/2023 07:28 - Douglas H.

Fun game!!! Good luck to everyone!! :-)

11/02/2023 12:26 - Denver G.

Well I won $500 the last time they ran this promo, that more then paid for all the $5 C5 tickets I bought during the promo. I urge everyone not to go over budget on this promo and good luck!

11/02/2023 09:06 - Roger K.

Got my cash 5 bonus cash ticket yesterday. Hope it's going to be the 100,000 winner. I found a penny going into the store, and told the girl, about finding it. Then I told her about that guy who found a penny and won over 200,000 dollars, and claims the Penny was his good luck coin. Well I'm hoping this will be mine.NC Lottery
We're wishing you lots of luck, Roger!

11/02/2023 06:54 - Henrietta W.

Good luck everyone!

11/01/2023 11:12 - Robert H.

If I have missed out on Winans, would you please explain to me why and howNC Lottery
Hi, Robert! Our first Cash 5 Bonus Cash drawing this month will be on November 8th, and winning numbers will be posted on our site ASAP after the drawing. You'll be able to check back on our site to see if your Bonus Cash entry ticket was a lucky winner!

11/01/2023 11:11 - James R.

Then I can get my plastic surgery, get furniture, & buy a truck!

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