Jackpot Estimate $374 Million Cash Value $173.5 Million Next Drawing Wed, Nov 29 Latest Drawing Mon, Nov 27
2 21 38 61 66 12
Jackpot Estimate $355 Million Cash Value $164 Million Next Drawing Fri, Dec 1 Latest Drawing Tue, Nov 28
27 37 42 59 61 11
Jackpot Estimate $100,000 Next Daily Drawing Wed, Nov 29 Latest Drawing Tue, Nov 28
6 10 29 34 41
5 18 19 34 36
Top Prizes $1,000/day for life or $25,000/year for life. Next Daily Drawing Wed, Nov 29 Latest Drawing Tue, Nov 28
9 15 18 31 40 16
Latest Drawing Wed, Nov 29
5 9 4 3 0
Latest Drawing Tue, Nov 28
7 6 5 8 0
Latest Drawing Wed, Nov 29
2 7 5 3
Latest Drawing Tue, Nov 28
4 8 6 5
Progressive Jackpot Estimate
$493,640 Updated: Wednesday, 8:04:56 PM

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Learn more about how to play digital instants

November 17, 2023 Posted by NC Lottery at 10:07 AM

A new website and new lottery app provide the platforms for you to give the new digital instants a go and you might be wondering the best way to navigate them to play.

Since these new lottery instant win games are played exclusively online on the lottery’s website and NC Lottery Official Mobile App, this helpful video explains how to play digital instants on the updated mobile app:

As the video discussed, you can sign up to play on either the website or app and, after depositing your funds, start having fun with the new games. Just click the menu button in the top left corner of the app, hit digital instants, and away you go. Make sure you try out Demo Mode to get a feel for how the game works before switching over to Money Mode to play for real.

If you win a prize, you don’t even have to go in to a store or claim center unless you win $100,000 or more. The funds will appear directly in your account after you completely the claims process online.

We will have more updates for you soon so keep checking our website and social media channels for all your digital instants news.

Enjoy this fun new way to win!


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11/20/2023 05:56 - Misty S.

I agree with others. The winning odds don't seem correct.

11/20/2023 05:26 - Deborah B.

Always says my Geo location is not on and it is! Therefore, I am unable to play.NC Lottery
Hi, Deborah! Sorry about that! Our Online Play system uses geolocation to determine if you are currently within North Carolina’s borders. If you are in NC and still receiving this error on a mobile device, please ensure that you are using the most recent app version and ensure that you have location services on for both your device and the app. If you are on your computer, ensure that you have enabled location sharing in your browser. If the issue persists, reach out to our support team at https://nclottery.com/Help and we will be happy to assist you!

11/19/2023 09:48 - ROSE M.


11/19/2023 01:20 - Susan B.

Winning odds stated don't seem to be correct, especially for Cleopatra ...NC Lottery
Hey there, Susan! All of our games, including our Digital Instants, are independently reviewed and audited to ensure that odds are as described and the games are fair for all players.

11/18/2023 05:31 - Steven B.

i played the $50 in demo mode,had 10 spins but no win.when i did win it was 60 cents or 80 cents or a dollar,i may have won four bucks out of fifty.i bet $2 each.game done in 2 minutes.Boring!

11/18/2023 08:37 - Jack W.

This is definitely not for me or needed on the lottery app or page. Spend enough on the draw games. This about like the scratch off Stay Away people. Just my opinion also. ??

11/18/2023 08:23 - julia b.

I wish everyone would read the game rules on these. I have never seen payouts this low. Return to player is only 87%. It is much higher in the casinos.

11/18/2023 07:10 - Roger K.

I want to know how you get them off of here?NC Lottery
Hi, Roger! Digital Instant games can only be played on the NC Lottery website or our mobile app.

11/17/2023 10:05 - Rachel G.

New game is fun. Will play again soon.NC Lottery
We're glad to hear it, Rachel! Thanks for your comment!

11/17/2023 08:02 - Paulette S.

Can't sign on at all. Been trying for 3 nights. Liked before all the new stuff. No good to me at all. Very disappointed. Now have to go to store if I want to get tickets.NC Lottery
Hey there, Paulette! We're sorry to hear you're having trouble logging in to your account. If you reach out to https://nclottery.com/Help, our Online Support folks can help you regain access to your account!

11/17/2023 07:57 - Paulette S.

Can't sign on

11/17/2023 02:16 - Linda F.

I won 57.00 total and it was not deposited to my account in digital instantsNC Lottery
Hey there, Linda! Your winnings should be showing in your account balance - you can check your balance by clicking on your name in the top right corner of our desktop site, or under the Account tab at the bottom right of our mobile app. If your winnings aren't showing correctly, you can reach out to https://nclottery.com/Help and our Online Support folks can look into this and help get this resolved for you.

11/17/2023 01:39 - ELLA R.

How do you increase or decrease the amount of money you play with on the game road trip?NC Lottery
Hey there, Ella! You can click on the 3 bars in the bottom right corner of the game screen to change your wager per play. :)

11/17/2023 12:53 - Felicia P.

Yes I tried it but it's not for me. Money runs out to fast and they expect for you to keep added money. No Thank you I will stick to the regular play games.

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