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Greensboro man will buy a house with $1 million Mega Millions win

November 28, 2023 Posted by NC Lottery at 2:02 PM

Greensboro resident William Coble has dreamed of buying a house for a long time and, after winning a $1 million Mega Millions prize, he can finally make it happen.

“I’ve been saving for a while but I can finally do it now,” he said. “I would like to buy one in the Greensboro area.”

Coble bought his lucky $2 Quick Pick ticket from Sumner Food Mart and Hardware on Old Randleman Road in Greensboro.

“I buy tickets every couple of days because I don’t want to miss a drawing,” he said. “This time it paid off.”

Coble matched the numbers on all five white balls in the Nov. 17 drawing to win his prize. The odds of matching all five white balls are 1 in 12.6 million. He said his mom broke the news to him.

“I had my mom go online to look up the numbers,” Coble recalled. “She told me, ‘Don’t get too excited but I think you won a million dollars.’”

He claimed his prize Monday at lottery headquarters in Raleigh and, after required federal and state tax withholdings, took home $712,501.

Both the Powerball and the Mega Million games offer big jackpots this week. Tonight’s Mega Millions jackpot stands at $335 million as an annuity or $153.1 million cash. Wednesday’s Powerball jackpot stands at $374 million as an annuity, or $173.5 million in cash. The odds of winning a Powerball jackpot are 1 in 292 million. The odds of winning a Mega Millions jackpot are 1 in 302 million.

Powerball and Mega Millions are two of six draw games in North Carolina where players have the option of buying their tickets at a retail location or with Online Play through the lottery’s website or the NC Lottery Official Mobile App. Lottery players can also now play digital instant games on the lottery website.

During the holiday season, Play Smart, Gift Smart raises awareness that lottery tickets are not appropriate gifts for kids as part of a national gift responsibly campaign. Research shows that the earlier someone participates in or is exposed to gambling, the more likely they are to develop a gambling problem later in life. Check out this blog to learn more.


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12/01/2023 01:57 - Douglas H.

Congratulations William we hope you enjoy your new beautiful home :-)

11/29/2023 08:27 - Roger K.

I buy them MM and PB tickets in advance play. I do the same thing with my cash 5 and LFL. Don't win nothing! I could do so much with all that cash!

11/29/2023 08:22 - Roger K.

712,501 dollars, let me see what I could do with that much money, hummm, everything I've always wanted to do! When I win, will let y'all know!

11/29/2023 07:38 - Kimberly C.

Such a blessing!!!

11/29/2023 01:05 - Tamara B.

Congratulations to the winner. Now I have a question has anyone ever entered in numbers for a ticket entry and before the system log you out there is a message which states "Congratulations" but you have no idea what's it about since system logged you out on this platform?NC Lottery
Hi, Tamara! Have you tried re-scanning the ticket you were entering? This message could be letting you know that the ticket you entered was a lucky winner. If you try re-scanning it, it should let you know again if the ticket was a winner. If you're having trouble confirming, you can reach out to our Online Support folks at https://nclottery.com/Help and they can look into this more closely for you.

11/28/2023 11:00 - Sabrina F.

:-) Congratulations on your win!!

11/28/2023 08:20 - Susan L.

Congrats to you and your family!

11/28/2023 06:38 - Carlos H.

That is such a blessing! Continued blessings to you and yours

11/28/2023 05:54 - Steven B.

no better feeling than being a home owner,pls dont forget to put some aside for municipal taxes

11/28/2023 04:25 - Lela J.


11/28/2023 02:22 - Sherry L.


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