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Hoke County woman celebrates $700,000 scratch-off win

March 31, 2023 Posted by NC Lottery at 5:09 PM

A typical mid-week grocery run turned into a $700,000 top prize for Linda Virgil of Raeford.

Virgil made a trip to the Food Lion on Cliffdale Road in Fayetteville for some groceries when she decided to try her luck on a Triple 7 ticket.

She scratched and scanned her ticket to check for prizes. A friendly employee at the grocery store confirmed her big win.

“I just started crying,” said Virgil.

The $10 game launched in December with four top prizes of $700,000. Only one of those top prizes remains to be won.

Virgil claimed her prize Friday at lottery headquarters in Raleigh. After required federal and state tax withholdings, she took home $498,753.

When asked what she’d do with her prize she said, “I’m going to share it with my kids and grandchildren.”

Virgil also plans to return to that Food Lion to thank the employee who helped her in her moment of joy.

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4/04/2023 04:48 - Corinthian B.

what are my total winning if I purchaded a Pick 4 50/50 for a $1 play, and the numbers that was drawn was (1-1-1-2) me and my co-worker are at odds about the payout.NC Lottery
Hi, Corinthian! If you match all 4 numbers in Any order, you would win $600. If you match all 4 numbers with a $1 50/50 play in Exact order, you would win $3,100, plus the Any order prize of $600, so your total win would be $3,700. You can see the prize payout structure for Pick 4 on our site here: https://nclottery.com/pick4-how-to-play. Hope this helps!

4/04/2023 12:48 - vernita c.


4/03/2023 04:04 - Nicholas P.

Congratulations. Bless you and bless the decision to buy....higher power has a plan

4/03/2023 01:59 - joanie m.

Congratulations what a WIN

4/03/2023 11:13 - Andrea S.

LECHERYL G. Easy answer that NO ONE EVER thinks of...you have plenty of time to Claim HUGE prizes!...If you win HUGE, tell NO ONE. First thing, prepare to move where no one will know you and get a hotel in another state. Then claim it with your still current address ID that you will no longer be living at! You'll be worry free for safety! And, of course, DON'T have picture taken when claim it. Lots of Luck!

4/03/2023 09:10 - tim s.

Why can’t I see how many entries I have on second chance drawings. It won’t open up when I tap on it.NC Lottery
Hi, Tim! Please reach out to https://nclottery.com/Help and our Online Support team can take a look into this. We apologize for the inconvenience!

4/03/2023 07:27 - Paula F.

Congratulations ????

4/03/2023 06:31 - Bevlin D.

Congratulations! What a Blessing. Enjoy.

4/02/2023 11:55 - Sabrina D S.


4/02/2023 09:28 - Christina H.

Congratulations ??

4/02/2023 03:07 - DOUG W.

Congrats to the winner, I just keep playing hoping I can hit something like that someday & I play a lot of scratch offs $ 100 is the most I've hit. Enter thousand of tickets for second chance haven't hit nothing. Doesn't seem right. Oh well I'll keep plugging away. Good Luck!

4/02/2023 10:16 - Gloria W.

I just wish there were more machines at gas stations to purchase from I hate standing g in lines with people buying other stuff while I am looking at tickets

4/02/2023 10:01 - Sandra E.

Leland it doesn’t really matter if 4,5 or 10comes up for Powerball PowerPlay because the most you can win is $2 million never 3,4 or 10 million in NC

4/02/2023 07:28 - Lecheryl G.

Why can't a single woman who is NOT a domestic violence survivor remain anonymous if she wins a huge lottery? NC Lottery
Hi Lecheryl, most state lotteries do not allow winners to claim anonymously. Knowing that real people win lottery prizes is important to public confidence that the lottery is fair to everyone who plays. Per NC laws, a winner’s name, hometown, game played, and amount won is public information – anything else a player wishes to share is up to them!

4/02/2023 12:26 - Charles H.

I buy the same ticket from Food Lion and win $20.00. She does the same thing and wins $700,000. I think as a faithful Food Lion customer for over 40 years I should be entitled to the same amount. Of course I'd be happy with the $500.00 that Speedway and the NCEL cheated me out of.

4/01/2023 07:30 - Anita R.

Congratulations, that’s soooooo awesome ??????????

4/01/2023 04:06 - denny h.


4/01/2023 02:54 - leland s.

Hi Leland, I wanted to share some info on the Powerplay and Megaplier. The charts for odds that certain multipliers would be drawn are on the "How to play" for each game. Check out the version for Powerball: https://nclottery.com/powerball-how-to-play The odds vary with x3 being the best odds of 1 in 3.3. Also, the x10 multiplier is only available when the estimated jackpot is below $150 million.

4/01/2023 02:34 - Joe S.

Rolling for sure! Congrats from Charlotte.

4/01/2023 11:08 - Teresa G.

Congratulations! When you win I win. I know my winning is on the way. I am elated to know that my playing goes to the greatest cause "our children".. I am also glad to be a part of the dream makers team to have an input on future games since I love to play them all!

4/01/2023 10:27 - STEPHEN L.

So happy for her. Happy Easter ??

4/01/2023 09:52 - Jacmelly B.

Hey ncel! There are two foodlion on Cliffdale Road one at 9535 Cliffdale RD and 8175 Cliffdale Rd which one was it ?NC Lottery
Hi Jacmelly, this ticket was purchased at Food Lion #810 at 9535 Cliffdale Rd.

4/01/2023 09:37 - Clara M.

Congratulations on your winnings!

4/01/2023 07:30 - Chris F.

Congratulations! I have yet to see anything from the NC lottery about the individual who won twice 2021 & 2023 on scratch tickets. Why isn't the NC lottery announcing this? Makes me wonder how this is possible or is the NC lottery afraid to publish this because of losing revenue in tickets sales due to a what some may perceive a rigged system.NC Lottery
Hi Chris, we posted about Mr. Frank's most recent win on our blog a few days ago. You can find that post here: http://bit.ly/3zoWyGg

4/01/2023 03:17 - annie s.


4/01/2023 01:01 - Paula F.

Congratulations ????

3/31/2023 08:37 - roberta n.

Congratulations Virgil. What a blessing.

3/31/2023 06:54 - Paul W.

Well, good for you! Always at least thank a person like that. It's the least we can do. Spread the wealth at will lady!

3/31/2023 05:57 - Bobby D.

Wow 3 top prizes has all hit in Fayetteville something fishy hereNC Lottery
Hi Bobby, the second top prize for this game was purchased in Fremont in Wilson County. You can find that release here: https://nclottery.com/NewsBlogDetails/2022/12/28/700000-lottery-win-makes-for-%E2%80%9Cvery-merry-Christmas%E2%80%9D-for-Wilson-woman

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