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Pick 3 and Pick 4 players can win with Instant Cash

September 17, 2023 Posted by NC Lottery at 9:57 AM

Attention all Pick 3 and Pick 4 players. Today marks the return of Instant Cash.

Starting Sunday and lasting through the end of September, Instant Cash gives you a chance to win $5 cash instantly. All you have to do is purchase a Pick 3 or Pick 4 ticket valued at $1 or higher. The purchase must be made in a retail location.

You will know you won if you receive a Special Offer message and barcode on the bottom of your ticket. If you see that message, just detach it and give it to the lottery retail clerk, who will scan the bar code and give you $5 in cash instantly.

The $5 cash prizes will be awarded throughout the promotion.

Good luck and go get yourself an instant cash win!


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9/19/2023 09:20 - Angela A.

I am a pick 3 and pick 4 player and this promotion will last to the end of the month at this rate. I played $60 worth of $1 tickets and did not receive a single instant WIN! @NCEL that is sad odds I believe with everyone else playing and my 60 I should have at least got 1, but nothing. Still waiting on my cash cow number that you all will not drop yet we get another repeat.

9/19/2023 08:57 - Marie B.

Last time I was very lucky with this promition. I won several times.

9/18/2023 04:52 - Linda J.

explain to the retailers b/c they don't understand either! I did win $5. today, do they keep that part to get reimbursed? & is that one tkt. only good for that day? very confusing! really don't like the fireball either! go back to the 'sum it up.' Thank you. LJNC Lottery
Hey there, Linda! If you receive the $5 Instant Cash voucher, it will be printed at the bottom of your ticket and you can take that ticket to the clerk at the counter (make sure you keep the top half of your ticket if that draw hasn't occurred yet!) and they will take the Instant Cash voucher and award you your $5. You have 180 days to claim the Instant Cash, so it does not need to be claimed the same day as your purchase. You can check out our page here for more info: https://nclottery.com/promo/pick3-pick4-instant-cash.

9/18/2023 02:51 - Kimberly D.

Good! I like this promo when y’all first did it. Then y’all stopped it in the middle of the promo lol! Maybe it’ll keep the players interested til the end of September, cause the numbers and repeats that’s been coming out haven’t been.

9/18/2023 02:29 - Cynthia B.

Why does the barcodes not scan so Ai can get my moneyNC Lottery
Hi, Cynthia! The Instant Cash voucher barcodes can only be scanned and redeemed at the counter at retailers - scanning using our app or lottery vending machines will not work. Sorry about that! You can read more on claiming your Instant Cash prizes here: https://nclottery.com/promo/pick3-pick4-instant-cash.

9/18/2023 01:18 - Scott M.

Well Just $6 on 6 pick 3 exact plays and $4 on 4 pick 4 exact plays, guess what? I didn’t win $5 instantly. Would have thought I would win half my money back but I was wrong. NC Lottery wins again

9/18/2023 04:34 - Dwight T.


9/18/2023 12:07 - Tanzania C.

Wishing me the best of luck

9/17/2023 10:44 - Vivian p.

That sounds great. Must give it a try.

9/17/2023 10:21 - Dana A.

You guys had this before and it was stopped before the month was over. Is it possible it will happen again?NC Lottery
Hi, Dana! Not to worry - this promotion will run through the full advertised time frame and end on September 30th.

9/17/2023 07:41 - Ila A.

Sound good

9/17/2023 06:27 - Clifton E.

I will be playing

9/17/2023 06:04 - Carol P.

I never win ?? getting discouraged

9/17/2023 04:59 - Gloria C.

Thanks for this great informations.

9/17/2023 04:36 - Toun S.

Good looking Free cash thank you!

9/17/2023 04:32 - Daniel J.

I love the idea of instant wins on number drawings.

9/17/2023 12:02 - DONALD S.

They made such a mess of it last time they’re bringing it back. Go back and look at my comments. Before the last one I predicted, it was gonna be a failure. And it was. They ran out of money and had to cut it off early. I indicated somebody or most of the people in the advertising department should be fired. No response. Now they’re doing it just for half of the month at the end of the month. This will be a failure too. This is a backhand way of trying to get people to buy inside of the store at the 7000+ retailers because a lot of them are getting upset about the online stuff. 200 people working lottery. I mean pyramid scheme. Making over $100,000 a year. A one dollar and a dream.

9/17/2023 11:57 - Joann R.

How about us that we play online ?NC Lottery
Hi, Joann! Sorry about that - this promotion is only available in-store at the counter or at lottery vending machines!

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