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Durham woman shocked to win first $10 million top prize in new game

February 20, 2024 Posted by NC Lottery at 12:07 PM

Patricia Brunson of Durham couldn’t believe her luck on Monday when a $50 scratch-off purchase won her the first $10 million prize in a new lottery game.

“I was in shock,” she said.

Brunson bought her lucky $10 Million Spectacular ticket from the Homestead Family Fare on Guess Road in Durham.

When Brunson arrived to collect her winnings, she had a decision to make. She could choose to receive her prize as an annuity of $500,000 a year over 20 years or take a lump sum of $6 million. She chose the lump sum and, after state and federal tax withholdings, took home $4,290,014.

The $10 Million Spectacular game debuted in December with five top prizes of $10 million, 20 prizes of $1 million and 20 prizes of $100,000. Four $10 million prizes, 15 $1 million prizes and 16 $100,000 prizes remain to be claimed.


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2/26/2024 09:52 - Sabrina D S.


2/22/2024 08:32 - Tony T.

have any of the million $ winners been announced here for this ticket?NC Lottery
Hey there, Tony! We've seen a few lucky $1 million winners from this ticket! Here's a story about $1 million won in Cary: https://nclottery.com/NewsBlogDetails/2024/1/24/Cary-man-bags-1-million-scratch-off-prize, here's a winner from Pink Hill: https://nclottery.com/NewsBlogDetails/2024/1/19/Duplin-County-man-will-use-1-million-win-to-pay-for-daughters-college, and here's another from Raleigh: https://nclottery.com/NewsBlogDetails/2023/12/8/Raleigh-mans-family-will-get-the-best-Christmas-after-1-million-win.

2/22/2024 03:24 - Joe S.

Congratulations from Charlotte! :)

2/21/2024 02:36 - Anita A.

Congrats ??

2/21/2024 01:09 - Douglas H.

WOW!!!!!!! What a win! Congratulations to the Brunson Family. A gigantic blessing!!!

2/21/2024 01:00 - Della B.

Congratulations from Clinton North Carolina

2/21/2024 08:46 - Daniel J.

Leave a little luck for us down here in Lexington!

2/21/2024 08:34 - Amy G.

Congratulations Patricia!!

2/21/2024 08:22 - Rodney M.

Where can I purchase the next 10 mill winning ticket?????????????NC Lottery
Hi, Rodney! Winning and non-winning tickets are printed randomly throughout the entire printing run of a game, in accordance with the game's odds. Packs of tickets are distributed randomly to retailers as they are ordered - where a lucky winner will show up is a complete mystery until a winner scratches the ticket and comes in to claim their prize! We're wishing you lots of luck!

2/21/2024 06:30 - Mark Z.


2/21/2024 02:09 - MICHAEL B.


2/20/2024 10:30 - Angela S.

Congratulations on winning! Enjoy!!!

2/20/2024 10:27 - Arie C.


2/20/2024 10:16 - Vivian p.

CONGRATULATIONS Patricia. Any win is Great,but this Fantastic. Big,Medium, orSmall any win is Wonderful. Enjoy!!!

2/20/2024 09:45 - Danielle H.

She only won cause it's tax season and they want US to spend more $$$ in hopes. They already know where they sending those big$$ tickets. Glad she won but please play responsible and for entertainment only.

2/20/2024 09:19 - Sharon S.

I agree with Susan R. The ticket # and the winning number or multiplier is also public information. The NCEL gets all that info when the claim is made. Why be so secretive?NC Lottery
Hi, Sharon! Per NC Public Information laws, only a winner's name, hometown, game played, and amount won are required public info - anything else a winner wishes to share about their win is up to them! The folks on our communications and social media teams do not have access to specific info about the winning ticket - ticket claims are processed through our Claim Center through our secure Prize Validation process. Our team can only share what is required by public info, and anything else a winner shares with us (and we love when winners conduct interviews or take photos with their giant check - but it's never a requirement to claim their prize!).

2/20/2024 08:59 - LISA J.

Congratulations from Greenville,NC

2/20/2024 08:56 - Lakisha S.


2/20/2024 08:27 - Kimberly F.

My heart beating fast reading it I have tears coming down my face you just never know when God will chose you to win a gift like this and you was chosen you go girl we serve an amazing God enjoy your winnings

2/20/2024 06:39 - joseph P.

Congratulations. You deserve it. Happy for You.

2/20/2024 06:24 - DeCarlo Y.


2/20/2024 05:30 - Clevonne P.

Congratulations---I am next!

2/20/2024 04:39 - Donnie S.

Finally one of them is won.... CONGRATULAAATIONSSS!!!

2/20/2024 03:56 - DONALD S.

Raleigh Durham was very surprised

2/20/2024 03:29 - Angie A.

Wow, great news for Durham

2/20/2024 02:51 - Sonya P.


2/20/2024 01:48 - Ryan D J.


2/20/2024 12:42 - Shirley C.

Awesome.. good news

2/20/2024 12:24 - Susan R.

Could everyone please start telling the public what ticket # on the roll it was and how it was won. Matching #'s , symbol or X multiplier. Please I think the people would like to knowNC Lottery
Hey there, Susan! Thanks for your comment and for sharing that feedback with us. Our communications team loves being able to chat with winners and share these exciting stories with our players across the state - however, we only talk to these winners after they claim their prize and turn in their winning ticket to claim, so we don't have access to this info. The only thing we can share about a win is anything required by public info laws in NC (winner name, hometown, game played, and amount won), and anything additional that the winner wishes to share with us in an interview - though like a winner photo, the interview is optional for winners!

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