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Date Numbers Jackpot Payout
Estimated Jackpot at time of draw. Download all past draws here.
2022 Oct 42791940$235,000view
1834373941Double Play
2022 Oct 31015313342$186,000view
816232729Double Play
2022 Oct 2617313843$143,000view
68192435Double Play
2022 Oct 146113338$120,000view
1593640Double Play
2022 Sep 301572541$110,000view
315192139Double Play
2022 Sep 2929203842$100,000view
712162141Double Play
2022 Sep 2867162435$650,000view
718373942Double Play
2022 Sep 27715181922$551,000view
517283235Double Play
2022 Sep 261318202440$476,000view
59343640Double Play
2022 Sep 251118253738$398,000view
67193342Double Play
2022 Sep 2418101825$347,000view
1519232442Double Play
2022 Sep 2367263542$285,000view
1123323641Double Play
2022 Sep 22613233337$226,000view
619243738Double Play
2022 Sep 212362540$182,000view
1023263537Double Play
2022 Sep 201516203340$141,000view
410162433Double Play
2022 Sep 1945323340$120,000view
912142343Double Play
2022 Sep 182526273339$110,000view
17111326Double Play
2022 Sep 171921394142$100,000view
89153237Double Play
2022 Sep 161718323641$374,000view
811343741Double Play
2022 Sep 151314273038$300,000view
418203536Double Play
2022 Sep 141116274143$239,000view
618353639Double Play
2022 Sep 132125374243$193,000view
811263135Double Play
2022 Sep 121114263341$150,000view
16232743Double Play
2022 Sep 11224262739$120,000view
2021323841Double Play
2022 Sep 101218222343$110,000view
2022263540Double Play
2022 Sep 91624253135$100,000view
15303335Double Play
2022 Sep 8228293134$878,000view
16213342Double Play
2022 Sep 72425313443$747,000view
1325313538Double Play
2022 Sep 62452640$630,000view
1617222842Double Play

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