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Date Numbers Jackpot Payout
Estimated Jackpot at time of draw. Download all past draws here.
2023 Jan 2635333537$100,000view
610242733Double Play
2023 Jan 251122263440$489,000view
310171834Double Play
2023 Jan 24812172640$406,000view
620294041Double Play
2023 Jan 23621223538$331,000view
815234042Double Play
2023 Jan 221723263140$273,000view
716263740Double Play
2023 Jan 211824293442$225,000view
918212637Double Play
2023 Jan 201617262833$167,000view
716172132Double Play
2023 Jan 1918202634$120,000view
1726283234Double Play
2023 Jan 181220293840$110,000view
814173941Double Play
2023 Jan 1758152123$100,000view
711161727Double Play
2023 Jan 1612112541$110,000view
34222842Double Play
2023 Jan 151528303242$100,000view
1114212328Double Play
2023 Jan 141112313241$476,000view
218303941Double Play
2023 Jan 13328293338$359,000view
411273036Double Play
2023 Jan 12112152342$289,000view
815203136Double Play
2023 Jan 11712141524$231,000view
3591518Double Play
2023 Jan 1036152241$167,000view
934353840Double Play
2023 Jan 91516202529$120,000view
35192942Double Play
2023 Jan 83562730$110,000view
410123843Double Play
2023 Jan 73452730$100,000view
420273233Double Play
2023 Jan 61022262737$351,000view
49143034Double Play
2023 Jan 51523293543$280,000view
2021303540Double Play
2023 Jan 41115303637$221,000view
218224142Double Play
2023 Jan 3214222633$167,000view
210172138Double Play
2023 Jan 2218193443$120,000view
219212738Double Play
2023 Jan 1117313840$110,000view
524252835Double Play
2022 Dec 31810111231$100,000view
510132239Double Play
2022 Dec 30625283638$416,000view
123364041Double Play
2022 Dec 291012153339$320,000view
612153643Double Play

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