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Some Powerball players with multidraw tickets get refunds

April 3, 2020 Posted by NC Lottery at 1:40 PM
Due to additional changes to the national Powerball game, we are extending the time period eligible for refunds for Powerball multidraw ticket holders who purchased their multidraw tickets on or before April 2.

The additional changes, announced on Thursday, April 2, are that the national Powerball game will set the jackpot and the amount the jackpot increases between draws based on ticket sales and interest rates. The earlier changes in the game occurred on Wednesday, March 25.

Why the refund?
We are offering the refund because the changes, allowed under the game rules, went into effect immediately. Some who were buying those multidraw tickets may not have had information about the changes before their purchase. We believe it’s the right thing to do for our players.
What does that mean for you? 
Any player who purchased a multidraw Powerball ticket or on before April 2, 2020, will receive a refund for the price of all remaining drawings after March 25, 2020 through the expiration of that ticket. 
How do I get my refund?

If you made one of those Powerball multidraw purchases, please call our Customer Service helpline at 877 962-4530. You can also download the Powerball Multidraw Refund Claim Form for additional information about how to claim the refund at

Are my purchased tickets still valid? 
Absolutely. In addition to the refund, those Powerball players will keep their ticket as a free ticket. Those tickets remain valid and are still eligible to win one of the nine prizes offered in the Powerball game, including the jackpot, in any of the upcoming drawings in which plays were purchased. Any prizes won in those drawings, however, will be awarded under the new prize structure announced on Thursday, April 2.

When will refunds be made?
As soon as possible after we receive your request. Because of our state’s Stay At Home order, expect our processing of mail to take longer. You have until Dec. 31, 2020 to request a refund.


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4/09/2020 10:48 - Mark T.

Can you only buy multiple tickets? For example on Cash5 is minimum 6 tickets and have to be all same day draw? Same with PB and MM’s. I do not see an option for power play or megaplier? Am I missing something? Thank youNC Lottery
Hey Mark, You can purchase as little as a single ticket online. When you click "Buy Now", instead of clicking the pre-populated amounts, click "Build My Numbers". There, you can choose as little as 1 draw. Once you click "Add To Cart", you will be presented with the option to add Power Play or Megaplier. Hope this helps!

4/06/2020 01:46 - bruce s.

Bring Keno online!!! Coronavirus Safety at home

4/06/2020 11:37 - William D.

understand not wanting to pay the 7% to retailers to pay prizes over $600. but under these circumstances the rules should be changed a little. Actually the NCEL have representatives all over the state that can verify winning tickets. And direct deposits are now the present way a lot of Government agency are doing business. Since they are not paying out just verifying they can receive something for their time. Just my thoughts and probably a lot of people would agree. I do not have a winner at this time but i am a regular player.

4/04/2020 09:59 - Edward L G.

Is this the 2chance entries i have put in my acctNC Lottery
Hi Edward, you can view your past Second Chance entries on this page"

4/03/2020 04:27 - greg s.

Will claim centers be open longer hours or on weekends when centers reopen since their are going to be many claims. NC Lottery
Hi Greg, thanks for your question. Unfortunately we don't have an answer on that quite yet. Please continue to check our website for updates here: NC Lottery

4/03/2020 04:24 - greg s.

need to change prizes on 2nd chance drawings that will require travel due to virus. Many people will not be traveling for a while and their should be a choice of travel or monetary compensation.NC Lottery
Hi Greg, the lottery always reserves the right to replace the original prize with a comparable or better prize if the original prize is unavailable or cannot be fulfilled. We would announce any substitution well in advance of any trip fulfillment.

4/03/2020 04:18 - greg s.

There are some scratch off tickets with one grand prize left on the game. The only way for the scratch off ticket to be taken off prizes remaining is when it is claimed. With claim center closed indefinitely it is not going to be fair for lottery players to buy these tickets when it is possible for somebody to be holding the last grand prize winner. Will the lottery be giving refunds for the scratch off tickets if this occurs. Need to Know so I can save my tickets.NC Lottery
Hi Greg, please note that winning ticket holders may still claim via mail and we are actively processing mail-in claims regularly. The Lottery will update the prizes as they are claimed. Also note that there is always a possibility that a top prize ticket has been sold and not yet claimed when you buy a scratch-off ticket even when the claim centers are opened. You should check the prize table for scratch-offs to see how many top prizes remain for a game prior to purchase.

4/03/2020 02:09 - William D.

Understand it is reasonable to change the jackpot prize structure, what about the rest of the prizes that are listed, will they change also? If so how will it be? NC Lottery
No sir, the recent change to the PB game only affects the jackpot and not the other set prizes.

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