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Changes coming to national Mega Millions game

April 3, 2020 Posted by NC Lottery at 5:38 PM
After the April 3 drawing, jackpots for the national Mega Millions game will be determined on a drawing-by-drawing basis based on ticket sales and interest rates. That means the game will not have a guaranteed starting jackpot of $40 million or a guaranteed increase between drawings of $5 million.
Why the change? 
Due to slowing sales during the coronavirus outbreak, ticket sales aren’t strong enough to support the guaranteed starting jackpot and guaranteed increases. Many states that sell Mega Millions tickets are currently under stay-at-home orders from their governors, which have altered the typical sales patterns of many products, including lottery tickets. The jackpot amount is based on sales and interest rates. The money to pay the prizes comes from the ticket sales.
The adjustments will help to ensure that states can continue to generate revenue to support their good causes. 
Who made the change?
Game changes are not made by individual lotteries, but by the Mega Millions Consortium, the national group that oversees the Mega Millions game. All lotteries offering the game must accept the changes. 
What does this mean for players?
We know there have been a few changes with both of our national draw games. We want you to know, that no matter what, anybody who wins a prize playing Mega Millions will get paid their full prize as specified under the new game rules.
So, if you win $2 or $100,000 or the jackpot, you will get paid.
How will this impact the current Mega Millions jackpot?
The advertised Mega Millions jackpot for Friday, April 3, is a guaranteed $121 million. If there is no jackpot winner on April 3, the jackpot will roll to an annuitized value of $127 million. If the jackpot is won, it will reset to an amount determined by the Mega Millions Consortium based on ticket sales and interest rates.



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11/17/2020 09:22 - Donna M.

How can I access my online acct for tickets I have bought?NC Lottery
Hi Donna, if you click into your account and look at "Transaction History" there will be an option to view past and upcoming draw purchases.

11/13/2020 12:57 - Zaneta b.

I'm going to be the next Mega Millions Jackpot Winner. Friday 13th????2020 NC Lottery
Good luck, Zaneta!

11/08/2020 12:35 - Tiffany B.

Hello. Has anyone ever won the Mega Millions jackpot here in NC?NC Lottery
Hi Tiffany! We've had two Mega Millions jackpot winners so far. James Jones won $57 million in October 2011 and Mike Manheim won $12 million in July 2010.

10/27/2020 04:15 - beatrice a.

When you pick your numbers for the mega on line and they are quick pick numbers when can you see the numbers you picked before the drawing and the money is taken out of your account NC Lottery
Hi Beatrice! If you are buying Quick Pick Mega Millions tickets online, you should see the numbers picked as soon as you hit the "Quick Pick" option while you're building your tickets. You can view them from your shopping cart by hitting "Edit Numbers" as well. And finally, you can also view the tickets in your transaction history once you have completed your purchase.

10/22/2020 08:52 - mary r h.

Glad to see winners

9/16/2020 08:17 - Michael J.

Why did the jackpot reset to $20million last night if no one won the jackpot? thanksNC Lottery
Hey Michael, A jackpot winning ticket was sold in Wisconsin!

9/01/2020 08:40 - Frances H.

I have a suggestion!! When you open the ap to check your tickets, you should be able to redeem your winnings to the ap. Like if I win$10, I'd rather just use it to play online. NC Lottery
Hi Frances, thanks for the suggestion! We'll keep this in mind for a future update. We did want to let you know you can use previous winnings in your online wallet to make a purchase at the time of check out.

8/25/2020 11:05 - Latasha H.

I logged my numbers in at 10:42 and just as I went to pay, my account froze and would not alallow my numbers to go throughNC Lottery
We're sorry to hear about this, Latasha! For next time we suggest giving yourself a little extra time to get your tickets, that way in case your device freezes you still have some time to get your numbers.

7/29/2020 11:09 - Natalie R.

I'm new to playing online Lottery number quick picks, I hope I win soon!

7/28/2020 06:37 - sara w.

I don't know about the rest of the state , but here in Rutherford County ticket sales are down because more and more people are playing the slot machines. Every convenience store has them and they stay extremely busy. Some people wait in line for one to open up. Its crazy. And they win good amounts of money. Maybe the Lottery should start making machines. Its addictive. Just saying.

7/27/2020 05:31 - Brent A.

If anyone else has noticed. The selling of tickets on the LOTTO have NOT gone down. The payouts are down considerably. So, what should that tell us. 1) The lottery is a business, and just like every business they are in it to MAKE money 2) They are trying to take advantage of this economic crisis just like every other business. What I say is, if they are going to start paying out less, then start playing less. Only makes sense.

7/25/2020 02:48 - ALMETA K.

Hi Almeta, the "Winner Highlights" section of the winner page shows the winners that have taken photos. Due to COVID-19 we have not been able to take new photos of winners. If you click on the individual sections for each game you'll see that winner names and amounts are being updated regularly.

7/25/2020 01:56 - lori k.

Why do you determine how much money we add to the account and why do I have to purchase 6 tickets to play? How much I put in my account and how many tickets played should be my choice.NC Lottery
Hi Lori, we added quick pick options based on the number of tickets players frequently buy online. You can buy a single ticket by selecting "Build My Numbers" and picking "1 ticket" from the drop down. The minimum deposit amount requirement is due to credit card fees charged for making deposits.

7/19/2020 01:32 - Donald B.

A few website comments. First of all, please display the selected lottery numbers in ascending numerical order just like the tickets bought at a retail site do. Second, the option to "Add More Games" should be at the top of the web page, not at the bottom. Keeping it at the top would allow people to always select the "Add More Games" option without having to scroll the window to the bottom. This becomes a pain when you've bought a lot of tickets and therefore always have to scroll to the bottom of the window. Lastly, why do you require a login to run the Ticket Checker app? I'm can't see why someone should have to be logged in to check a ticket. Thanks, Don B.NC Lottery
Thanks for all the feedback, Don. We will pass your thoughts along to our website team.

7/07/2020 03:44 - Paul W.

Thank you allow online play for all your games.

7/02/2020 05:42 - PHILIP M.

Has anyone ever win online?NC Lottery
Hey Philip, Folks win nice prizes online every day! While we haven't yet had a Mega Millions jackpot winner come from online play, we have had lots of Cash 5 jackpot wins, some $100,000+ Powerball and Mega Millions wins, as well as a few Lucky For Life prizes. Last year we did a round up of the biggest online play wins to date, you can read that blog here:

6/30/2020 06:12 - Calvin L.

How about increasing the odds to win instead of decreasing the money in the perilous times this will spark people to play more and benefits the economy. *shrugs*

6/28/2020 09:36 - Mark S.

Sounds reasonable to me

6/26/2020 10:07 - Jeff B.

Sounds fair to me also, really there is nothing that we can do about it

6/25/2020 04:39 - R.

Sounds good fair.

6/12/2020 09:59 - william p.

I contacted lottery commission a few months ago, requesting that the site allow us to print out our numbers picked so that we would have our own personal record of the numbers. I am again requesting that the site be modified to provide for printing of the numbers we selected. thanks, rickpnc NC Lottery
Thank you for taking the time to share your feedback on this, William. If you win you will be notified both by email and pop up on the site. No printed ticket is needed to claim. However, if you still would like them for your records, there are two ways you can do this. The first is taking a screen shot by pressing "Print Screen" on your Keyboard. Then, just open a document like Paint or Word and right click then select paste. Also, you can simply highly the section with your mouse then paste them in a word or other document. We will be sure to share your thoughts on this with the folks involved with making changes and improvements to the website. Thanks!

6/10/2020 07:51 - Candace R.

Where did the 410 million dollars go for the mega millions if no one won the last drawing? Dropping down to $20 is crazy! NC Lottery
Hi Candace, Our website only shows winners in North Carolina. The $410 million Mega Millions jackpot for the June 9th drawing was won by a ticket in Arizona.

6/10/2020 09:42 - Vivian C.

Have lottery board picked the winners of the second chance games from,April May and june due to the corona outburst???NC Lottery
Hi Vivian, we have resumed drawings for the Second Chance prizes. Winners in the 007 and Multiply the Cash drawings on June 3, 2020 have been contacted.

6/10/2020 08:47 - RON N.

where do i find my entry numbers?NC Lottery
Hi Ron, to view the numbers you have purchased for the next drawing click into your account page and then click on "Upcoming Purchased Draws." Next to each draw purchase is a button to view the numbers you have picked for that draw. To see past drawings, click into your account and then click "Past Draws."

6/10/2020 08:46 - Joanne M.

This home page shows zero winners for the June 9, 2020 mega millions and yet the prize went down to $20milNC Lottery
Hi Joanne, our website only shows winners in North Carolina for the Mega Millions drawings. The $410 million Mega Millions jackpot for the June 9th drawing was won by a ticket in Arizona. You can see nationwide winners on the Mega Millions website

6/10/2020 03:13 - thomas c.

Are you planning on adding scratch off games to on-line play ?NC Lottery
Hi Thomas, we do not have plans to add scratch-off games to online play at this time. But keep an eye out on the blog for new game types in future!

6/09/2020 10:45 - Joshua T.

3. 4

6/09/2020 04:55 - tom n.

Where is the access to check your current numbers purchased??NC Lottery
Hi Tom, to view the numbers you have purchased for the next drawing click into your account page and then click on "Upcoming Purchased Draws." Next to each draw purchase is a button to view the numbers you have picked for that draw.

6/08/2020 08:52 - Betty J.

You need to put pick 3 and 4 onlineNC Lottery
Thanks for the feedback, Betty! We will be sure to let the folks in charge know that you're interested in seeing those games added.

6/06/2020 06:39 - Roy B.

There are a good number of states that will not disclose your name on a big win at the lottery. FL and IL are two of them so its all a matter of getting the law makers of NC to introduce a bill to prohibit that info being released in NC.

6/05/2020 04:45 - Jacklyn W.

Please Put the pick 3 online!

6/02/2020 01:15 - shante p.

In our world there will be changes, we must adjust according to our circumstances to make it work for us. I would like to know why is itit that one can't remain anonymous after winning a large sum of money when will that change? NC Lottery
We hear you, Shante. Transparency and trust that the lottery is being run fairly is essential to our mission, and knowing that real people win real prizes plays a major part in that. The lottery does not have the power to make or change the law, we simply operate according to the law.

5/31/2020 02:31 - Lisa P.

Don’t know hoed to filer a claim for a refund cause I am not asking right answers or getting any help at all reading any thing or calling off other people’s phones since I got mine recently goneNC Lottery
Hi Lisa, If you are trying to get a refund on a qualifying Mega Millions ticket, you can give our Customer Service team a call at 877-962-7529. You can also get additional information online at Prizes. Thank you!

5/29/2020 05:40 - Johnnie P.

Bought mega tickets on line. How do I know if I win?NC Lottery
Hi Johnnie, Any notifications relating to wins from online play will come from The subject line of the email always says "Congratulations, your lottery ticket just won", no matter the amount of your win. For security purposes, the email will not state specifically how much you won. We recommend you always check your message center to verify the prize amount. If you have additional questions feel free to contact the support team at

5/29/2020 11:42 - PATRICIA W.

Im on the verge of losing my home. I hope win. Good luck everyone! ?NC Lottery
Hi Patricia, We're very sorry to hear about your situation. The lottery is meant to be played for fun, not as a strategy to solve financial problems. We certainly don't want folks to play the lottery with money that was set aside for important needs like bills. It sounds like it might be a good time for you to take a break.

5/29/2020 12:45 - Lisa P.

How this work pleaseNC Lottery
Hi Lisa, We're happy to help answer any questions you may have, but we need a little more info from you first. Could you be a bit more specific on what questions you have? Thanks!

5/28/2020 05:51 - Munmun N.

How can I enter online tickets for 2nd chance drawings? NC Lottery
Hi there, The great thing about playing online is that when you make your purchase, you automatically receive Lucke-Rewards points without having to scan or enter any tickets! Just check your Lucke-Rewards point history. Right now the games that are available online don't have any applicable second-chance drawings, but if we ever have second-chance drawings from draw game tickets, you'd receive those entries automatically if you purchased online as well. Hope this helps!

5/28/2020 04:41 - Joseph B.


5/28/2020 09:14 - Harold F C.

First time playing online i hope I get better luck this way... Great Job ?? NC Education Lottery NC Lottery
Best of luck to you, Harold!

5/27/2020 03:35 - William M.

I buy a ticket yesterday and I did not my code. Were do I go to see all (56) ticket I buy yesterday.NC Lottery
Hey William, If you purchased tickets online, you should be able to view all of them by visiting your transaction history in your Dashboard.

5/26/2020 01:56 - Stephen W.

00g6j-*****-*****-*****-***** NC Lottery
Hi Stephen, We wanted to let you know that we removed part of the code you commented for your security. You can enter that code for Lucke-Rewards points by going to Lucke-Rewards/Ticket Entry on our website or via the menu ‘Manual Ticket Entry’ with our mobile application. You can then use those points to enter our monthly and weekly Lucke-Rewards drawings. Hope this helps!

5/20/2020 10:47 - john p.

thank you for answer keep up the good work,we need education.stay safe and healthy.

5/20/2020 10:09 - john p.

since their is not to much going on education wise,what is nc doing with the lottery donations?NC Lottery
Hi John, Each year the legislature decides how best to use the funds we raise - the lottery is not involved with making those decisions. Last year the money was used for pre-k programs, school maintenance and construction, financial aid, transportation and support staff salaries. We do not have information on what programs will receive funding next year. You can learn more at Hope this helps!

5/19/2020 09:53 - william h.

I understand but i am going to win!hope??

5/19/2020 07:26 - jeffrey b.


5/18/2020 09:03 - Dewayne M.

How can I locate my numbers that I played?NC Lottery
Hi Dewayne, Just log into your account and then click to view your dashboard, from there just click to view your "Transaction History". You should see the options to view your "Past Draws" as well as "Upcoming Purchased Draws". Good luck!

5/16/2020 10:04 - roscoe s.

It do not means a thing to me I loves to play never won nothing playing for over thirty years

5/15/2020 10:14 - Evelyn M.

I am trying to locate the numbers I played.

5/15/2020 09:03 - Ricky M.

And I bet when the COVID scare is over, you will go back to old way????NC Lottery
Hey there Ricky, At this time, we don’t know how long the changes will last.

5/13/2020 08:59 - Richard V.

Are you going to reduce the price of the tickets? This sounds to me like just another way to garner more money from the public under the guise of Corona Virus emergencies.NC Lottery
Hey Richard, We hear you. At this time there are no plans to make changes to the price of a ticket.

5/12/2020 11:39 - Annesha N.

Hi, I have a question. If someone wins the current MegaMillions Jackpot, does the change mean that they can only claim the annuity or is the lump sum still an option? NC Lottery
Hey there, If a player were to win the Mega Millions jackpot, they would still have the option of choosing the lump sum or the annuity.

5/12/2020 10:21 - Brandon N.

Help a father of 5 out man. That jackpot would be a great birthday present and help set my kids up for college and life.

5/12/2020 12:18 - William R.

Best of luck to everyone!

5/11/2020 06:41 - robert d.

i just need 10 million

5/11/2020 10:08 - johnnie m.

I think this is wonderful with the mega million we all should get paid just as it is that's a wonderful thing now I think we should get virtual scratch off tickets has the same way we played the mega million Powerball lottery for Life online I think scratch off tickets will be due to try to virtual scratch off tickets I think they will be wonderful

5/09/2020 10:19 - Rosendo V.

I just bought tickets online. How will I know if I won or not ?! Is there a place I can view my tickets ?NC Lottery
Hi there, If you win online, we'll send you an email notifying you. You can also view your numbers by visiting your Transaction History and clicking the option to see past numbers or upcoming numbers. Hope this helps!

5/08/2020 08:52 - Steven K.

1st time player!! Wishing everyone good luck and prayers for everyone and their families. And some hope and luck and prayers for my 1st time playing, money would answer so many prayers right now!! NC Lottery
We're sending some good luck your way!

5/08/2020 01:26 - Monique L.

Would be nice to win this pot. My mum passed away 2 years ago and we have been in a finacil burden. I would love to win this to help out my family. Maybe one day my dreams will come true. God Bless to all the winners.

5/05/2020 04:37 - Terry B.

So if one decides to accept a 30 year annuity, and ticket sales are very sluggish, would one be likely to receive a lesser amount due to lower ticket sales? NC Lottery
Hi Terry. The changes to the starting jackpot and to the jackpot increase amounts do not affect the rest of the set prizes. We want you to know that no matter what, anybody who wins a prize playing Powerball or Mega Millions will get paid their full prize. So, if you win $2 or $100,000 or the jackpot, you will get paid.

5/05/2020 02:12 - Brenda W.

Where do I enter 2nd Chance drawing?NC Lottery
Hey Brenda, Just grab your tickets that you wish to enter into a second-chance drawing and head over to our Ticket Entry page here: Once there, just enter your tickets to collect Lucke-Rewards points. By doing that, you'll also be automatically entered into any second-chance drawings that are applicable with the tickets you entered. Good luck!

5/03/2020 12:32 - DAVID W.

Hey David, that is correct. In order to purchase a North Carolina Education Lottery ticket online, the purchaser must be in the state of North Carolina at the time of checkout.

5/02/2020 10:19 - Valerie C.

Has there been any talk of Keno coming to online? NC Lottery
Hi Valerie, thanks for the suggestion! We don't have plans to take Keno online at this time, but the folks who make those decisions read this blog and appreciate hearing player feedback and what players would like to see in the future. Thanks!

5/02/2020 07:47 - Kathy R.

How do i find my winnings with on line account NC Lottery
Hi Kathy, your dashboard will show you a lot of the information I think you are looking for. To find this, first log in to your online account and click on your user name. The dashboard should appear, and will display things like how many entries you have, your points history, upcoming draw tickets, etc. If you’re asking how you will know if you’re a winner – we first notify winners of our Lucke-Rewards and Second Chance drawings via email. If we don’t hear back then we’ll attempt a phone call notification and send a certified letter to the address on the winner's account. We want to do everything we can to ensure folks get the prizes they win!

5/02/2020 07:03 - Tony J.

Ok awesome

5/01/2020 11:37 - Lisa P.

Exactly meaning we need to file claims for refunds

5/01/2020 10:16 - Amber J.

Why can’t I buy a megaplier when trying to purchase mega millions NC Lottery
Hi Amber, we're not aware of any issues with this today. Can you describe the problem a little more? If you're trying to purchase online, I encourage you to reach out to our support team who can help look into this further for you.

5/01/2020 08:59 - Lisa N.

since this stay at home order maybe allowing playing pick 3 and pick 4 online would be something lottery allow.

5/01/2020 07:59 - Marcus T.

Is scratch off cards coming to online NC Lottery
Hey Marcus, at this time there are no plans to make our scratch-off games available online. We do have other games available online though, and right now we're offering $5 free when you make your first single deposit of $10 or more! Check out the offer here:!#29

5/01/2020 09:58 - Christine C.

Will we be able to purchase pick 3 and 4 numbers online?NC Lottery
Hey there Christine! At this time we don't have any plans to add Pick 3 and Pick 4 to Online Play, but we appreciate knowing it's something you're interested in.

4/30/2020 10:59 - ken s.

The payouts need to be higher for winnings that are not jackpot winners. More money for matching 4 or 3 balls etc.

4/30/2020 10:36 - karen e.

Whatever you win it's more than what you had. I just want to win

4/29/2020 05:41 - Dariel L.

I guess we just have to go along, what else Can we do?

4/28/2020 08:31 - Patti P.

It don't matter what change's you folks make,I have been playing lottery since 1968, never won more than $50.00. I am dealing with 2 cancers now and will go to my grave never winning more than that. Sechance lottery hasn't made things things any better. Oh well, that's life, you are born, you live then you die.

4/27/2020 07:20 - Jackie R.

Some money is better than no money, I'm just waiting on my big chance

4/27/2020 10:41 - Garrett F.

Same odds.. same price.. less prize?

4/26/2020 01:42 - Robert F.

A couple of things should be noted. First, the NC Educational Lottery does not make up the cost of the tickets, it comes from the Mega Millions Consortium and the Multi State Lottery Association. Also, if either of the lottery associations takes the prices back to $1 then the amounts will be even lower than they are now. Having said all that, honestly, if two dollars is too much than you should not be playing, you have much more important things to spend your money on. If you get mad because I just said that, you probably have a gamboling issue and should call 877-718-5543 and get some help. Have fun, play online and play responsibly.

4/26/2020 12:30 - Brett W.

I received some kind of refund on my account from MM. Can you explain what this is?: "Mega Millions Game Change Credit"NC Lottery
Hi Brett, A multi-draw ticket you purchased qualified for a refund after we announced short-notice changes to the game's prize amount. Not to worry, your tickets are still valid for the drawings you purchased them for, but if you win, you'll receive the new prize amount. You can read more about the refunds here:

4/26/2020 12:23 - Eh Blut P.

As a truck driver I traveling throughout states and every time when I try to purchase a tickets it won’t let me in because I’m not in my residence state. Need help.NC Lottery
Hi EH, you do not need to be a resident of NC to purchase a lottery ticket in our state. You do need to be 18 or older. I'm not sure why you are experiencing a problem, but if you are attempting to purchase through a vending machine and your license is not being accepted, please check with a store clerk or make your purchase from a clerk at the register. Hope this can help!

4/25/2020 12:55 - glen w.

if that is to be then you should drop the price to a dollar a play lets be fair and not stack the odds further in your favor

4/24/2020 06:10 - charles w.

I feel that since we are under the Coronavirus order to stay at home. I think you should stop all sells of lottery tickets at all stores and urge people to use the website to purchase the non scratch off ticket.

4/24/2020 06:06 - EVELYN J.

I have been playing MM for every since it started I stopped last year, because, I never won over$20 ,so I stopped playing, you know sometimes ,we do look to win at least a hundred dollars, I still play PB every now and then,but in all, it is worth it if you win, Thanks

4/21/2020 04:15 - Robert E.

Lower the price to correspond accordingly! Return amounts overpaid.

4/21/2020 02:56 - Wendy T.

Im confused about the drawings like the one done on April 8th. When does that get drawn? I also am curious about the April fools drawing. Will that drawing still be picking winners on the appropriate day? Or do we have top wait? And will you guys ever slow us to enter more than 10 entries at a time. Is taking me forever to put all the entries that i want to be putting in at only 10 entries st a time. NC Lottery
Hey Wendy, All of our Lucke-Rewards and second-chance draw dates have been postponed until after the stay-at-home order is lifted. You can still enter drawings as normal and the deadlines will remain the same, we're just waiting a little bit before we can draw the winners. Thanks for your feedback on the entries - we'll be sure to pass your thoughts along to the folks who work on our website.

4/18/2020 09:10 - Mark S.

I agree with many others in the comments section. If you’re going to lower the possible jackpots, you should lower the price of the ticket back to $1.

4/18/2020 10:54 - Julian P.

I'm a little confused. I bought a 26 draw ticket prior to April for mega million. You have a refund process if bought before April 3. Does this mean that draws after April 3 the ticket is no good, or does it mean that if I'm dissatified with the changes I can request a refund. NC Lottery
Hi Julian. Good question. Since you purchased your ticket before 4/3, you can either keep or request a refund. Anyone who purchased their multidraw tickets on or before April 3. Please call our Customer Service helpline at 877 962-7525. You can also download the Mega Millions Multidraw Refund Claim Form for additional information about how to claim the refund at

4/17/2020 09:22 - Douglas H.

Ok i be playing all the time never win

4/17/2020 07:10 - Rodriekiaus D.

Hello to all fellow players we all I’m sure deposit so much into the lottery and it’s nothing wrong with expressing your concerns and frustration to the lottery officials here, Ignore negative comments from other players because they too are frustrated if not they wouldn’t be up in the comments, let win win win.. now all said I need to hit a pick 3&4 lol

4/17/2020 09:53 - Toni S.

sounds fair to me

4/15/2020 08:15 - John M.

The site has had a lot of issues in the last 2 weeks. Right now as of 4/15, 8:13 it is inoperable and I cannot purchase online. When will this be fixed. I am in quarantine and can but should not leave my home. Can you help? NC Lottery
Hey John, Everything looks to be up and running on our end. What type of error are you receiving when you try to make a purchase?

4/15/2020 12:10 - Darryl W.

I have a mega millions quick pick ticket that has the number 70 as one of the numbers, how is that possible when 69 is the highest possible choice? Please help!!NC Lottery
Hi Darryl, In Mega Millions you can choose numbers between 1 and 70. You can learn more here:

4/15/2020 11:57 - Sandra C.

So how does that work NC Lottery
Hi Sandra, If your ticket qualifies and you have questions about the process, please give our Customer Services team a call at 877-382-4530.

4/15/2020 11:02 - sylvia c.

I live in Fayetteville. In the future can I forsee you establishing a site to cash out for high dollar amounts? ( Cash 5, Mega, etc.) I to drive to Raleigh.NC Lottery
At this time, winners of $100,000 or more still must claim their prize in person when our Claim Centers reopen. If you have a special circumstance, please call our Customer Services line at 1-877-962-7529 on Monday through Friday between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. We know it is an inconvenience for our winners, but hope they will understand and have patience as we all get through this unprecedented time together.

4/14/2020 10:24 - Daquon B.

What is the payout time frame for online jackpot winners?NC Lottery
Hey Daquon, Thanks for asking. At this time wins over $99,999 cannot be claimed online. For anyone who has won over that amount, we encourage them to call our Customer Services team at 877-382-4530 for next steps.

4/14/2020 10:45 - Mary L R.

The biggest problem I see is the fact that you have buy a certain number of tickets, put them in the basket and then discard the ones you don’t want. Why can’t we just buy a ticket at a time?NC Lottery
You can buy as little as 1 ticket if that's what you want. When you click "Buy Now" you'll see the option to "Build My Numbers" -- you'll want to click that. There you will be able to select as few as 1 ticket from the drop-down menu. Good luck!

4/13/2020 11:34 - John D.

Ticket sales should go back to a dollar a drawing and mega plier should be a dollar so it should go back two dollars with the mega Plier. 2 dollars is to much to pay. And to say your not making money off the lottery theists *. NC Lottery
You're encouraged to express your opinions here about the lottery, but please don't use offensive language in the comments – we want our page to be a place where all folks feel welcome. You can review our social media policy here:

4/13/2020 12:25 - Dwight T.

take it back to 1 dollar tickets please... and 2 for power play... its only fair!!!

4/12/2020 12:29 - gary r.

Should put ticket price back to $1. You could sell more tickets at a buck a pop! I personally wold buy more if they were a $1 i am sure most everyone would appreciate that since the jackpot is much lower.

4/09/2020 01:54 - Chris H.

To increase sales during these hard times , give us more online only promotions. That could help everyone.

4/09/2020 11:31 - Gary C.

So, then I guess if you are taking away from the game, then you are also going to reduce prices for buying the tickets???? I highly doubt it. Powerball lost my business, lets hope that Mega Millions doesn't bite the hands that feed them too. I see an opportunity for Mega Millions and Powerball to increase profits, but the customers will be screwed. No wonder your ticket sales are on the DECREASE! Who runs these shows? NC Lottery
Hi Gary, we understand your frustration and we hear you. Please know that currently, like other businesses, lotteries are making these adjustments to keep the Powerball and Mega Millions drawings happening and to ensure that the games can continue to support education in N.C. and all the good causes in the 48 U.S. lottery jurisdictions that offer the game.

4/08/2020 09:35 - Corey G.

Can u pass on to the powers that be, with the ticket checker that is currently part of the app it would be so cool in am upcoming upgrade they incorporate the winning sound music tone through the app when a certain tier prize is won as the lottery terminals do. How cool would it be to scan a winning big ticket prize in the app and hear that winning music sound. NC Lottery
That would be cool, Corey! We'll be sure to pass your suggestion along to our app team.

4/08/2020 09:16 - JIM B.

Just curious-While Powerball and Mega Millions are crying the blues,Does NCEL plan on continuing the minimum 100,000 starting pot once the Jackpot is hit?NC Lottery
Hi Jim, At this time we have no plans to make changes to Cash 5 or any other lottery games.

4/08/2020 05:04 - Melvin K.

I laugh at all the people getting mad about this. Please people, if you hate it so much, by all means stop playing. The less people we have playing, the higher my chances are. And before you say, look *, less people means lower jackpots...I'm aware of that. All I want is $1,000,000. I don't need or care for a super jackpot. Quit playing so I can win. See ya??NC Lottery
Hey Melvin, We just wanted to let you know that we removed a word from your comment, next time please try to avoid the colorful language. :) We also wanted to remind you that even though there may be fewer people playing, your odds don't improve. The odds of winning are based on the total number of possible combinations that can be drawn.

4/08/2020 01:09 - Patricia D.

Then why are we requested to submit documents to an address in Michigan? NC Education Lottery Customer Support Center P.O. Box 15187 Lansing, MI 48901NC Lottery
Hi Patricia, Our Online Play vendor is based out of Michigan.

4/08/2020 10:57 - Patricia D.

I would like to know why our state lottery is managed in Michigan? Is there no company in our own state that can manage the NC Education Lottery??? NC Lottery
Hi Patricia. The North Carolina Education Lottery is managed and operated in North Carolina. We have a team of over 230 people working in 12 different departments across six claims centers in NC.

4/08/2020 10:34 - Jonathan D.

You guys do realize that after a jackpot is won and the prize resets, ticket sales will plummet because of this action. Have you thought about that? NC Lottery
Hi Jonathan. Yes, we have thought about your statement. . Right now, with so many cities and states advising their residents to stay at home, player behavior is different. The safety of communities across our nation is on everyone’s mind, certainly on the minds of lottery players too, and those players are making different choices than even a short time ago.

4/08/2020 09:24 - Patricia D.

I also need to know why it is so hard to get paid online? I entered the requested information for bank withdrawal, but then a few days later got an email requesting an upload of a color copy of my drivers license and a voided check! This is difficult for me to do. When I emailed support I got no reply. NC Lottery
Sorry for the delay in responding, Patricia. Our support team is working hard to assist every inquiry they receive, so please be patient as they work to resolve your request. The reason we need additional documentation is to ensure that each and every prize that is being paid is done so to the correct person. We apologize for the inconvenience.

4/07/2020 08:53 - lori j.

Thank you and god bless us all

4/06/2020 11:18 - Karl K.

My first comment wasn't posted, why can't you buy Mega player, Power Play, or Easy match with online purchases?NC Lottery
Hi Karl, Your comment was posted. Please check the other blog posts where you submitted them to see our replies.You do have the option to add Megaplier and Power Play to your online purchases. EZ-Match isn't available because that feature was designed specifically for in-person retailers. To add Power Play or Megaplier, once you click "Buy Now Online" and you have selected how many plays you want, just click "Add to cart". On the next screen of the pop-up, you will be asked if you wish to add the Power Play. You can toggle it over to say "yes" and then click "Checkout". Hope this helps!

4/06/2020 09:00 - John l.

Sadly, since COVID-19 is forcing some changes to lottery jackpots here is a suggestion since our economic times seem quite uncertain. Instead of a winner take all approach for the top prize, why not consider having multiple winners for MM and PB. For example for a opening jackpot of $20M, you draw 40 numbers and any winners would get $500K, or 20 numbers for $1M each. In other words, rethink the huge jackpot winners and spread the jackpot to more potential winners. I'm sure the great minds at the two lottery systems can figure out what to do if few winners are draw and you rollover a portion of the $20M, increasing it by sales for the next drawing and increasing the pool to some number greater than $20M. Can you pass on this suggestion?NC Lottery
Hi John, We most certainly will.

4/06/2020 03:41 - Gail J.

The NC Lottery organization is is giving refunds for Powerball multi-draws. Why are you not giving refunds for Mega Millions multi-draws? NC Lottery
Hi Gail, good question. Due to changes to the national Mega Millions game, we are providing refunds for Mega Millions multidraw ticket holders who purchased their multidraw tickets on or before April 3. Please call our Customer Service helpline at 877 962-7525. You can also download the Mega Millions Multidraw Refund Claim Form for additional information about how to claim the refund at

4/06/2020 03:46 - Glenn G.

Tough crowd. Give it a rest people. If you don't behave the EXPENDIBLE INCOME, then we certainly shouldn't be spending money on lottery tickets. They used to say, a dollar and a dream, not a dollar and an expectation! And, our schools aren't in trouble because of the lottery, it's because of who we keep electing into certain offices. Blame our elected officials and parenting for the schooling, not the lottery. Also, I gotta, give it up to the person answering these emails. You would think they are all Philly Eagle fans!

4/06/2020 12:13 - chris c.

My first comment was not posted so I will say it again MM is toast.

4/05/2020 04:48 - Michael R.

North Carolinians are sick and tired of online players winning every single jackpot. Conventional lottery players who buy tickets at convenient stores are the ones who built this lottery and made it what it is. Most of us will stop at a convenient store, by a soda or beer and ask for a couple of Cash 5 tickets. Ive talked to quite a few people and they are sick of this crap. I believe its an inside job. the lottery heads are probably letting their family members win via online . We never get to see who won from online.NC Lottery
Hi Michael, we have lots of wins from both retail locations and Online Play! We also release the names and hometowns of online winners right alongside those who won in a retail location. Check out the winner stories on our blog and media center ( and you'll find public info on all our past big winners.

4/05/2020 08:05 - Kassandra B.

Will the lottery find a way for people to claim prizes over $100,000 online especially if the lockdown extends beyond the 30 days? I think it is only fair if they do because it is unfair for them to wait until the lottery office opens to make a claim. They could be in great need of the money. Also the lottery should find a way simply because there are those out there who are still supporting the lottery even if it is online despite what is happening.NC Lottery
Hi Kassandra, thanks for sharing your feedback, and we understand this is a difficult situation for everyone. At this time we're advising players to sign their tickets and keep them in a safe place until the lottery Claims Centers reopen. We are evaluating our operations on a daily basis under the Stay At Home order and will make any further announcements to operations on our COVID-19 bulletin page here:

4/05/2020 06:52 - David W.

I guess when most of your ticket sales are from people that live paycheck to paycheck and have now lost their job, ticket sales are going to decline. No worries, once people receive their coronavirus stimulus money and their additional unemployment money, sales will be back to normal. NC Lottery
Hi David, the lottery is meant to be played for fun. Games of chance aren't a strategy to solve financial problems. It takes luck to be one of the lucky ones who wins, and we hope our players will only play with money that has been set aside for entertainment.

4/05/2020 12:11 - Jill E.

So... the winning amount can go down but not the cost of the ticket... doesn't seem quite "fair"... everyone else is having a lack of money coming in since we can't work... but the jackpot can be lowered since not as much money going into the pot, but people don't even have money coming in their pocket now... smhNC Lottery
Hi Jill, Mega Millions is a national draw game supported by ticket sales. With the majority of U.S. states under stay-at-home orders in response to the coronavirus pandemic, normal game play has been affected. The jackpot changes are necessary to protect the games and to continue offering draws to players.

4/04/2020 08:52 - Larry H.


4/04/2020 02:33 - TOMMY B.

Why is it so hard to get payed playing on lineNC Lottery
Hi Tommy, is there a specific issue you are having with online payouts. You can always reach out to online tech support via chat at this link:

4/04/2020 01:45 - Carol B.

I think an audit should be done of the NC state lottery earnings. I refuse to believe the funds are being distributed evenly or fairly and where they should be. Otherwise you would not see so many schools having financial problems and you would see more scholarships and financial aid on school registration applications for students. NC Lottery
Hi Carol, the earnings from the lottery are delivered to the State legislature, which then disperses those funds to every county in the state. Last year that meant over $700 million funded programs like school construction, school support staff salaries, Pre-K, and grants and loans for students. You can see more detailed reporting on how those funds were used on our website here:

4/04/2020 01:15 - Richard B.

I wonder if the percentage revenue split between winners and states is being altered to make up for the states loss of revenue due to the pandemic.NC Lottery
Hi Richard, good question. At the end of every fiscal year, the lottery compiles a Comprehensive Annual Financial Report which details the percentages of income that went to prizes, education funding, retailer commissions and administration. When that report is conducted for the current year you'll be able to see any changes to those percentages. Those can found on our website here:

4/04/2020 09:26 - Jeffrey W.

Will the ticket price go back to a 1.00 after this jackpot is hit?NC Lottery
Hi Jeffrey, the cost of a Mega Millions ticket will still be $2.

4/04/2020 08:10 - Steve H.

I can understand.I will win the jackpot Tuesday and they can start the new rules then.

4/04/2020 07:38 - Charles B.

Of course why not decrease the jockpots, afraid to lose money, smh ????? ????? just think of all the players that play faithfully and lose lot's of money, anymore the north carolina lottery is a freaking JOKE, that's like you say all the millions that goes to education, well if that's the case then why do schools need help with everything, makes no sense NC Lottery
Hi Charles, Mega Millions is a national draw game supported by ticket sales. With the majority of states and cities in the U.S under stay-at-home orders in response to the corona virus pandemic, normal game play has been affected. The jackpot changes are necessary to protect the games and to continue offering draws to players.

4/04/2020 02:11 - Tim M.

Well, it looks like the big national games days are numbered. Due to extenuating circumstances, they're changing the rules. Less increases, less payouts. But, but, but, get this. The players are still going to have to shell out 2 or 3 bucks per drawing. They're NOT willing to budge there, even though players are requesting a dollar left and right? So, guess what's going to happen? Players gonna quit playing! Is that really a good business model? And besides, since when is there a decrease in sales? Convenience and grocery stores are the most popular for selling tickets and they're still open. Duh! And the trashcans are still full. Now, what again is the justification for these changes? But if they go through with it, they might as well hang it up. NC might also need to pay heed.NC Lottery
Hi Tim, due to Stay At Home orders in states across the U.S., ticket sales are down in many places that sell Mega Millions. The jackpot changes are necessary to protect the game and offer draws to players.

4/03/2020 11:56 - chris c.

MM and PB both destroyed themselves in 1 wweek. COVID-19 will be their downfall. I llove it. Good ole Karma.

4/03/2020 10:04 - Ernie H.

Does online purchasers every win the jackpot.Does online purchasers every win the jackpot.NC Lottery
Hi Ernie, there have been lots of big online wins. We had three players win using Online Play just last week!

4/03/2020 08:57 - Louis A.

Shouldn't the next draw jack pot be determined by the amount of tickets sell ?NC Lottery
Hi Louis, after the next Mega Millions drawing, the starting Jackpot will be determined by ticket sales and current interest rates.

4/03/2020 08:40 - William A.

Why not go back to the old one dollar ticket and remove some numbers!!!!NC Lottery
Hi William, thanks for sharing your feedback, the ticket price and odds of Mega Millions are not changing at this time though.

4/03/2020 07:06 - JIM B.

Had to figure that loser would follow it's sister loser the PowerBull. Neither one is worth risking even 2.00 on-absolutely terrible odds. Save your hard earned dollars and play only the North Carolina in state games. Now......should either of the aforementioned losers get the jackpot up to say 100 million or more then i might dig down into the couch cushions and see if i can find 2.00

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